Monday, February 17, 2014

I Have Been Away Too Long

I have been gone for a really long time. For that, I am sorry. First, I was too busy. A lot has happened since I received my M.A.T. back in December 2012. I worked as a temp in education research. Then I got a job as a Reading Interventionist. Not knowing diddly-squat about RTI, I had to do some major research, so that took my time. Then Jamie got very sick, was in the hospital all summer, and almost died. It was the worst summer of my life, one I hope never to repeat again. But all this drama, these crises, they took my words. I drew in upon myself and hid from the world while I lived day after day, just putting one foot in front of the other.

Things are better now. Jamie is almost 100% again. I am emerging from the dark place I hid for several months. I am still a Reading Interventionist, and I am also taking on leadership roles on my campus.

I'll tell you about all of it sometime, once I find all my words. For now, I just wanted my non-Facebook friends to know I am still alive, as is Jamie (thank you, Lord).

In the meantime, please accept this proof that Jamie is alive and well (and growing!). Last month, Jamie and his friend Cait went to his JROTC Military Ball on one of the bases down here. In case you weren't aware, this was shortly after his 16th birthday. He is growing up so fast!

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Suze said...

Oh jenn! It's good to see you here again. And your boy is almost a man! Wow.
Sending hugs. I hope all is well now.