Monday, April 11, 2011


Posts will be sparse(r) around here, as I'm entering into the home stretch on classes. I'm working on first drafts of final papers, end-of semester projects, etc., while also trying to get my son ready for the robotics competition at NASA at the end of this month (we're SO EXCITED!). So, posts detailing what's up will be even more sparse than they have been. Here's some brief notes on things going on in these-here parts:

  • We continue to be active in church, with both of us singing in the choir and taking our 8-week rotation in the children's wee worship room (I must admit I'm very glad it's only once every 8 weeks!). Jamie is also very active in the youth group there.
  • Jamie has grown almost 2 inches since January. I've had to replace almost his entire wardrobe. Thank you, Lord, for thrift stores!
  • For those of you not on fb, Jamie and many of his friends got inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at the end of last month. Good job, everyone!
  • Like I said, we're getting ready for a robotics competition at NASA at the end of the month. This has involved many an hour at school, as well as at home and at the teacher's parent's house to test the robot in their pool.
  • Last night, before I could take Jamie and his friend Spencer home from youth group at church, I had to cover my seats (bottom and chair backs) with garbage bags and cover the headrests with grocery sacks. They had a water balloon fight and were playing on a slip and slide. Except they had covered the slip and slide with baby oil before they turned on the water. I SO did not want that mess on my seats!
Hope the weather is pretty where you are and that all is well in your worlds.