Thursday, August 31, 2006

Okay, I Want to Teach Ziggy How to Do This!

Okay, I know this probably qualifies for Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks", but this is hilarious! I want someone to teach Ziggy how to do this one! I wonder what made him learn how to do this trick...

What makes it so funny is that this dog is obviously very proud of himself, and seems to be rubbing it in the face of the dog on the other side of the fence. Look how perky his walk is, how high he's carrying his tail - this dog KNOWS he's cool! LOL!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Okay, That's Just WEIRD

Last night, I was walking the dog after dark. While walking the dog, I came upon a strange and eerie sight (no, not the same kind of sight described in my parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas"). In an open area between my apartment building and the next one was a circle (yes, circle) of about 12 cats, all facing inward, all sitting there silently with tails twitching staring each other down. When Ziggy and I passed by, they didn't even spare us a glance, they just kept staring at each other. The only evident movement was that of their tails randomly flicking, then falling still again. They were still at it about 5 minutes or so later when Ziggy and I came around the building from the other side, and they still ignored us. I'm no cat expert, but to me, that just seems weird. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Needless to say, I urged Zig-fried to hurry up and do his business so we could get back inside. I didn't want to look up and realize we were suddenly very interesting to the cats. Images of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Pet Sematary" were dancing in my head!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm MAD!

There are some screwy people in this world, and they make me mad! My friend R- has been totally misused and abused by said screwy people. R- is a struggling single momma who is working her way through school. Things were already tight before, but now they're worse.

Yesterday, R- was fired from her job. She recently transferred to a different store (but still worked for the same company). Two weeks ago, there were several voids on the register R- was using, which is understandable considering that it's a different type of register than the one she's used to. That same night, one of the security cameras was malfunctioning. The company decided yesterday that R- must be behind the two coinciding events and must therefore be a thief - even though they did inventory and no merchandise was missing and no money was missing from the register.

So they called up R- and asked (well, demanded really) that she meet the district manager at the store. She gets there, and they have a police officer there. They tell her that they think she's a thief. Then the police officer tells her she has to pay the store $200 right then and there or else he's taking her to jail. He then says "And you know you'll lose your kid if that happens, right?" Remember, they have no evidence which indicates money or merchandise is missing, and are making her pay back $200, even though the total amount of the voids is $150-some odd dollars. When she asked for a concrete reason for her termination, they told her because it "looked suspicious."

So now I'm mad. I know R-, and while she's human and therefore has faults, she IS NOT a thief! I told her to consult the labor board and file a grievance. Her dad is friends with a district judge in Bexar County (where she - and I - live), so her dad is going to talk to the judge about it to see what her legal recourse should be. It's my personal opinion that they were mad because 1) she started back to school so was unable to work every time they snapped their fingers at her like she used to, 2) she's the only single momma working for that particular company, and 3) she's young and expendible.

So, the point of this long rambling rant is to please pray for her! It was already tough on her going back to school to begin with, but now it's darn near impossible. And what with them demanding she pay $200 right there and then, she now doesn't have any rent money for September. So please, pray for R-!

Love you all. Sorry for the five day absence.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One day, three different posts

Just a quick little note to let you all know Jamie and I will be hunkering down at home tomorrow. I had to go pick him up from school on my lunch break today. He was running a fever and has been coughing like me. I took him to the doctor this afternoon. The verdict? Strep throat. He (and I by default) get a three day weekend.

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Totally way off subject from the other post I did today, but these pictures would best go in the "WTF?" category...

This poor little car... It's cute, but I bet if it could, it would bite the people who drive it every day.

Unanswered Prayers

There's a country song that's been around for a little while that I really like. However, I don't know the title of it, and I don't know who sings it. But one of the lines of the chorus goes something like:

Thank God, for unanswered prayers...

That's what kept running through my mind last night and today as I read The Brown Baby Blog. Thank you God for knowing in Your infinite wisdom what is best!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Accessi Cognitio

The enormity of the task I am about to undertake is sinking in. True, it's not nearly as enormous as the task to raise a child (welcome to the world of parenthood this Wednesday, Lyds and Geron!), but since my child is a part of what I'm undertaking, I'm starting to sweat it.

Starting a week from today, I will be attempting to work full-time, attend college online full-time (through six online courses at two different colleges no less), raise my child by myself full-time AND I'm a PTA volunteer and the Newsletter editor at Jamie's school this year. I think I must be trying to drive myself crazy. But, I think, this will work for me for one main reason: I am not wired to do things "the easy way". Before, I tried to go to school full-time only. Well, pure laziness and procrastination derailed those intentions. I would always put it off, thinking I had plenty of time to do my assignments, until the due date was upon me and I hadn't put the first line on the page. Same with my housework. "I'll do it tomorrow" became my catch-phrase. Now, I don't have "tomorrow" to do things. I have blocks of time which must be dedicated to this, that or t'other.

So, I'm thinking if I get up every morning between 4:30 and 5:00 (which I've done the past four or five days - including the weekend) and study and clean house, then wake up Jamie and get him ready to roll, then study a little bit more and clean some more before I get ready for work, then get ready for and go to work, I can then pick up Jamie and get home, fix supper and clean up, check over both of our homeworks and get ready for bed, and I should be okay and get everything done. I'll just have to designate a day of the week to study each course, and take copious notes.

Plus, I'll have weekends to study. And I can study while Jamie is at soccer practice (but not during games. I have to watch him play and scream my durn fool head off for his team!). I even have permission to study at work when I'm not busy with reports and other work-related items. But I'll have to carefully manage my time. Oh, and did I mention that I'll also be helping out with his soccer team this year?

But, because I don't have time to procrastinate, I think I'll do better this way. I keep thinking back to all the different things I participated in during high school. It seemed like I was always rushing here, there and yonder, but I got good grades (once I quit being lazy) and always had my homework done on time. I just had to learn to manage my time. For me, that means having every minute of every day planned. And if I want to visit friends and/or take a trip, I'll have to budget that time in and plan for it in advance.

So, if I'm not blogging as much as you're used to, please feel free to rub it in. After all, I've pestered all of you enough about blogging. However, I may just have to pencil that time in, as well, to make me even busier. After all, I DID say I worked BETTER in a time crunch, didn't I?

Have a great week everybody! You know you'll hear more from me before the week is out.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Min. elementary algebra score required by TWU: 63

My elementary algebra exam score this morning: 80

Going back to college: PRICELESS


Okay, I know it is said that people and their pets start to take on the same characteristics, and therefore start to look alike, but this is a bit much! My question is, who's copying whom here?

I bet you guys are going to get REALLY tired of all these pictures, huh?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This is a picture of a self-portrait Jamie painted for school last year. I'm darn proud of it; it hangs in a place of honor over the computer...

Here's a picture of Jamie mugging for the camera...

My friend R- and her daughter D- came over to go swimming. Later, D- saw Jamie's sunglasses and put them on. I snapped this picture before she noticed. Looks like D- should stand for "Diva!" in this picture. She's a cute, sassy little thing! She also has very good taste - she LOVES Jamie!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WHEEE!... Zzzzz... Zzzzz... Wheeze!

Went to the doc (again) yesterday. My regular doc wasn't in so I saw her partner, Dr. Hernandez. I don't have infection any more, but he's concerned about my loss of lung capacity and general difficulty breathing (believe me, he isn't as concerned as I am, though!)

Both times I've been to the doctor, they've made me do an airflow test. The first visit, two weeks ago, came back with the result of 450 (but I don't know what the unit is. 450 psi? 450 mm? 450 cm? Who knows!). The one yesterday came back at only 400. The normal for someone my age and height is close to 500! So, he says that's not good. I will be going on Saturday to get a chest x-ray to see if there's some sort of scarring on my lungs or anything he can see that would be causing me to have so much trouble. After he looks at the films, he'll call me to come back in.

He prescribed me a stronger, better cough medicine to help me sleep at night and make me stop coughing. He said, "Not only will you not cough all night, you'll go to sleep with a smile on your face!" He wasn't joking! That was some powerful stuff! About 20 minutes after I took it, I started giggling. Then I kept saying "WHEEEEEEEE!" because I felt like I was flying. Then I conked out and said "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" all night with NO COUGHING. Then I got up this morning and was still flying pretty high. Shortly thereafter though, I quit flying high, the medicine wore off, and my fun times of "Whee!" and "Zzzzzzzzzzzz" merged and I've been wheezing ever since. And coughing, too. And I'm really sleepy. Methinks I'll go to bed early tonight.

But I did discover something else to put on my grateful/thankful list: really strong cough medicine!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I Need to Enter a Rehab Program - I've Become a "Whine"-o!

Becca and I went to college with a really whiny girl named Lucia. We'd see her coming and groan, because we knew she was going to start whining (I mean, honest to goodness baby-fied whining) about whatever was going wrong with her that day. Reading over some of my recent posts, I thought "I've become a 'whine'-o!" Is there a 12-step program for that?

Okay, so the first step is admitting you have the problem. So, here goes "Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I'm a 'whine'-o." Pshew! That felt good. But, see, the problem is, I feel this incredible urge to whine some more. See, my cough won't go away, and it's getting worse, so I'm going back to the doctor this afternoon. And that butt-wipe co-worker? Well, he left me a snide note about how I keep "losing" his packages, and how my boss needs to come up with a quality control procedure for me to follow. Hello? How did I go to the UPS facility and forcibly remove his package? I gave him proof showing how the package was lost by UPS, but it's still my fault. Aargh!

Okay, so now I got the whining out of my system. So I need to balance out this post with a list of things for which I am grateful and thankful:

1. I'm grateful and very thankful for such wonderful friends as ya'll!

2. I'm grateful and thankful for first days of the school year (only had to whisper in Jamie's ear "It's the first day of school" to get him up, instead of having to jump up and down on the bed and yell "Up and At 'Em.... Atom Ant!!!!!!!" If he wasn't up by the time I finished saying "ant", I'd fall on him. This strange ritual is a legacy of my own mother.)

3. I'm very grateful and thankful for my wonderful son.

4. I'm very grateful and thankful for my silly puppy, Ziggy.

5. I'm grateful and thankful for Sunday and/or Wednesday night telephone conversations.

6. I'm grateful and thankful for silly, long-distance lunch-break conversations with my brother.

7. I'm grateful and thankful for all those little inconveniences during the day that add up to keep you humble.

8. I'm grateful and thankful that I woke up this morning. (Because it would really not be good if I didn't. LOL!)

9. I'm grateful and thankful for all the gifts the Lord has given me, even if I don't immediately recognize them as such.

10. I'm grateful and thankful for my father, if only for the fact he is teaching me how NOT to treat Jamie when he grows up! No, seriously, Dad can be sweet, too; but only when HE wants to be.

11. I'm grateful and thankful that God has a plan for me, even if I don't know what it is yet. I'm grateful that He knows where my life is going, because I sure don't!

12. I'm grateful and thankful for God, his glory and the blessings he's put into my life. I've never been homeless, which is a grace in and of itself, because Jamie and I have been very close on several occassions! So I KNOW God is watching over us!

13. I'm grateful and thankful God graced me with a sense of humor, even if it does get rusty sometimes. I have a tendency to take myself too seriously, and forget to laugh at myself. (But I don't seem to have too much trouble laughing at others! LOL!)

So, there's the cheese to go with my whine. Hope you enjoyed today's tasting. Next week, we'll explore the many flavors of the California vineyards.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh, No, Not Again!

Here we go again. UPS lost one of "Butt Wipe's" packages, and he's sending out his paranoid vibe again. No one else is in the office but me and him, and I have that sinking feeling in my stomach that he's going to come yell at me. My ulcer is churning in my stomach. I feel like I'm going to be sick. I was originally planning on staying late at work, but now I don't think so!

He can't yell at me too much, though. I printed out proof that UPS is the one who lost the shipment. So far as we can tell, nothing fell out of it, they just lost it at the sorting facility in Houston, TX. So, he can't blame me for this. Although, the last one wasn't totally my fault either, and he still tried to get me fired. In my paranoia over the last episode, I had been using my camera phone to take photographs of the samples when he gives them to me and when I send them out. Unfortunately, the one they lost is the one that I couldn't photograph because my cell battery died. Isn't that always the way it works?!

Dear Jesus, please help me to not lose my temper, and to not be eaten from the inside out by my ulcer. Please, Lord, help this person to see that he shouldn't be blaming me and trying to get me fired. Please, take the burden of this stress off my shoulders, and help me to remember that no matter what happens, You are always with me. Instead of cringing and crying over the past, please help me deal with the present and look forward to the future. Please help us to resolve this matter with the minimum amount of recriminations and histrionics. All these things I pray in Your name, Amen.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Okay, so yesterday was a step back, and this morning I felt icky still. But now I'm feeling better! YAY! (Finally!) I seem to have coughed up as much gunk as possible, and with the help of my new inhaler, it's easier to breathe. So, that's good!

I have to take a test Saturday for my math skills in order to go to college again. So, tonight I will break down and buy McDonald's for supper, go straight home and get studying! I bought a Cliff's Quick Review on Algebra 1, just to brush up my pitiful math knowledge. Although, I remember relatively a lot considering it's been almost 15 years since I took a math class! So, keep me in your prayers, please, as I need all the help I can get. Don't worry Ann, if I get stuck, I'll call you - but I'm more of a "visual" learner, so going over it over the phone wouldn't help me a whole lot. But I appreciate the offer sooooo much!

Love you all, Jamie sends his love, too! He's excited because his school starts on Monday. I'm excited because his school starts on Monday and I won't be burning up so much gas to take him to and from the babysitters! YAY!

Have a good day, and you slackers need to get bloggin'! (LOL!)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Went home at 10 a.m. this morning. Was coughing so hard so much it kept making me throw up. Gee, I wanted to lose weight, but not like THAT! So, I came home, crashed on the couch, and my friend R- was nice enough to bring Jamie home at 5:30 so that I could get some rest without having to take care of him. I'm very grateful!

I'll be back at work tomorrow though. I can't take a whole bunch of time off. They need me too much (whether they realize it or not. LOL!)

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Little Perspective

Next time I start complaining about the heat in San Antonio, remind me of this article. I don't have it nearly so bad! Besides, we've had a cool front come through today. It's only supposed to get up to 90 today, and the highest this week will be 98. So I shouldn't complain!

Sunday Funnies

Here's the comics I was talking about in e-mails to some of you. There are two that appeared two Sundays ago that made me think of some of my fellow bloggers.

This one made me think of Everett:
The Mr. Peabody part is what made me think of him, not the whole "crankshaft" thing. LOL!

This one made me think of Becca, just back from her vacation. It also made me think of vacations!

Cough, Hack, Hack, Cough, Wheeze

Okay, I know that I have to cough up all this crud out of my lungs in order to get well. But it's interrupting my sleep, giving me a headache, and generally all-around making me feel icky. But, I shudder to think how I would be feeling now if I hadn't listened to my boss and gone to the doctor when I did.

Just wanted to post a quick update, since I've been conspicuously absent from the blogs of late. Tried Geron's crock pot BBQ from R.O.U.S. and it was delicious! Thank you so much for that recipe! It is destined to become a Hacker Hau staple! But my dad's crock pot cooked it on low in five hours. That is one seriously hot crock pot!

I was lying on the couch yesterday when my friend Jackie called. Her babysitter hadn't shown up, and she had to be at work in 30 minutes. I told her to bring Christopher on over, but warned her that I was sick and the house was a wreck. She said, "Girl, how your house looks has no bearing on how good of a momma you are!" That made me feel better. So, Christopher came over and played with Jamie, while I slept on the couch in a codeine and phenergan induced haze. Then I got up and fixed the boys hot dogs and tried out Everett's cheesey elbow pasta recipe, and that was really good too! The boys loved it! Everett, I really think you should sue Kraft, though, as they are selling something remarkably similar in the grocery stores. They must have seen the blog and decided to market it! LOL!

Well, I'm going to get off here and do some work now. Love ya'll!

OH, I almost forgot to mention this!
We were watching the "Skateboard Big Air" Competition on the X-games last night. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's kind of like a huge half-pipe, but the starting end has a 63foot drop, then they jump over a 7-foot trench, then they go up about 30 feet on the other side of the pipe and come back down. They showed a camera shot of a "skater's eye view" of the first section of the pipe (the 63-foot drop). Jamie looked at me and said, "Mommy, they're nuts!" Secretly, my heart rejoiced at the thought that maybe he isn't such a little daredevil after all! Especially when they started showing footage of when Danny Way jumped the Great Wall in China with his skateboard! Jamie just shook his head. LOL!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Codeine Killed my Cough

Okay, went to see the doctor. The diagnosis? So-called "walking pneumonia." Seems my allergy-induced sinus crud has settled down in my lungs causing bronchitis and borderline pneumonia, what Dr. Beth called "walking pneumonia." I got to take the rest of the day off, and she wanted me to take tomorrow off, too, but I couldn't do that to my boss. Not to sound conceited, but they need me too much. So I went and got my 5 prescriptions filled - an inhaler, codeine cough syrup, an antibiotic, an allergy pill and a decongestant. The best is the cough syrup! Not only did it kill my cough, but it's making me feel REALLLLLLLLLLLY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! LOL. And it's also making watching "X Games 12" really interesting. Gives a totally surreal quality to watching Shaun White on skateboard vert. Can't wait to see the half-pipe! I really enjoyed watching him do snowboarding in the Olympics. Believe it or not, I really like the X-games events. Now, when Jamie decides to try stuff like that on his skateboard and bike, it may be a different story! But "boys will be boys", so I'm sure I'll handle it just fine. Just like my mom would handle it when she caught me and my brother on the roof of our three-story house in Mt. Sterling, sword-fighting with 6-foot long cane poles while walking the roof ridge line. I was 9, Joel was about 12. Yep, there's a bit of the daredevil in me, so I can't fault Jamie for inheriting that same streak. Now I'm going to go watch Shaun White shred on the vert, then I'm going to walk the dog, go to bed and have codeine dreams! Talk to ya'll tomorrow.

I Admit Defeat

I have surrendered to the inevitable and am going to the doctor today at 2 p.m. Couldn't get an appointment, but 2 p.m. is when they start taking walk-ins. Hopefully they'll say I have to stay home the rest of the day today and all day tomorrow. I want to stay home and watch cable all day with my dog, slurping down cough syrup and having weird Nyquil-induced dreams! (I've already experienced the weird dreams part of being sick! LOL!)

Somebody Please Shoot Me

Okay, not really. I wouldn't really like to be shot. I've heard that it hurts a little bit. But my feeling "icky" has gone from bad to worse. My boss brought in a whole bunch of holistic remedies for cough for me, which was really nice, but it isn't helping. He's been hinting around all day that I should leave and go to the doctor. For him to tell me to go to the doctor is a big deal - he hates doctors. Calls them "quacks" most of the time.

Last night, I was up most of the night coughing. The Mucinex is helping me get rid of a lot of the crud in my lungs - unfortunately, it would appear that my body is just making more to replace what's being coughed out. I've coughed so much that my voice sounds a lot like Lauren Bacall's - really husky, and deep. What they used to call a "whiskey" voice. Kind of sexy, I'll admit. LOL! But it also hurts to talk. Which made me mad last night, as I was eager to make a phone call up Chicago way. But seeing as how it hurt to talk, I didn't think it would be very conducive to a nice, chatty phone call. Hopefully, all will be recuperated enough for me to make said phone call Sunday night (if you'll be home, that is!)

I'm glad, though, that Jamie isn't home for me to have to take care of while I'm sick. It's almost a luxury for me to be able to be sick when Jamie isn't home. Because there are things he can't do for himself that need to be done - like set the shower running for him and fix dinner for him (I've literally been eating heated-up canned-soup for lunch and supper every day since Monday. It's about all my throat can handle, and it's easy to fix. Dump in bowl, pop in microwave for 1 minute, 45 seconds. Eat with spoon. How's that for a recipe for R.O.U.S.? LOL!) Plus there's the fact that I don't have to go running all over creation to take him to daycare and pick him up. I live about two or three blocks from work. So all I have to do is get in the car, drive not even five minutes, then I'm at work. Then I get in the car, drive not even five minutes, and I'm back home. But I still have to walk the dog. Maybe I should have left him at Papaw's too!

I watched "The Greatest Game Ever Played" last night. I don't like golf, but I like Shia LeBouf, so I really enjoyed it. He has enormous acting talent (in my opinion). True, he didn't get to display all of it on "Even Stevens", but I won't hold that series against him. It was harmless fun that gave him a good start in "the biz". I expect we'll be seeing more and more of him in the years to come! God bless you all, and I'll type at you more later. Gotta get back to work now, and decide whether or not to go waste $30 at the doctor's just to hear her say it's a virus or something.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Feel Icky

Allergy drainage has settled in my lungs and trying to turn into bronchitis. I feel icky. What kind of person gets bronchitis in the middle of summer? I've been coughing for a week straight. I'm coughing so much I sound like a seal barking; if I'm not careful, someone's going to call Sea World and tell them one of their animals got loose! Nyquil isn't helping; ditto for Dayquil. Any suggestions on a good OTC remedy for nasty, congested-chest coughing? I'd really rather stay away from the doctor's office, though!

I'm just glad I'm sick when Jamie isn't here. I don't have the energy to chase him around! Speaking of Jamie, he was crying again on the phone last night. Since I'm sick anyway and won't be going out with friends as previously planned, I told him I'd come get him Friday night instead of Saturday. He's fine during the day, but at night he misses me "terriblesome" as he says. Poor baby!