Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Texas is a foreign country

I've decided, since moving to Texas from Kentucky, that Texas is, indeed, a foreign country. It doesn't matter that we took it away from Mexico way back when; in fact, it isn't even like Mexico anymore. It is purely, uniquely, Texan.

Signs here are written in English, Spanish, and even TexMex, a strange patois of the two (for which there seem to be no rules as to when to switch from English to Spanish, and vice versa).

To say the climate is different from that of Kentucky is an understatement. Last week we had lows in the 30s in the mornings. Today we're supposed to get up in the 80s. I looked on the newspaper website back in Ky, and y'all recently had snow! (And yes, I will admit, I had to laugh when I saw that - but I won't be laughing this summer when it gets up to 115 down here!)

Jamie is acclimating well to life down here, although he misses his friends (I do too!) He loves his teacher, and has made a few good friends. He is still playing soccer, too.

We both have become members of First Baptist Church of Universal City. We both have awesome Sunday school classes, and Jamie is active in AWANA down here. I'll be taking over his group's games sessions next week, so I keep my hand in, too.

Ziggy is a relatively happy puppy here, but gets lonely with us being gone all day. We're currently looking for a playmate for him.

Love to you all!