Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

I think Jamie and I both are suffering from a case of March Madness here, but it has nothing to do with basketball. We just finished our Spring Break, and I have to start getting ready for school in less than three hours. The only problem is, I haven't been to bed yet. :-( Oh, Spring Break, you flew by too fast! My motivation and drive are dragging. Jamie and I both seem to be at our snapping points. Even with the loveliness of Spring Break, there has been a lot of arguing and bickering in our household of late. We are both tired of it, but stressed to the max. Poor kid is working so hard. I think he is just as eager as I am for this semester to be over. I know we can survive this. I know we WILL survive this. In the words of Dory, "Just keep swimming....."