Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quotes of the day

Watching Justice League Unlimited on Boomerang! with Jamie, I've discovered they're WAAAAAAYYYY cooler than they used to be...

"Let me see your identity papers." - Government thug to Justice League members
"Sorry, my identity's a secret. Chicks dig that whole 'man of mystery' thing." - The Flash

Then later...

"All right, who's hand is that?" - Wonder Woman to the male Justice Leaguers while all are cramped inside a two-seater space ship

Crafty Persons, HELP!

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post today: Jamie wants to be a character from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" for Halloween. He wanted to be Aang, but I couldn't find a latex bald-cap to put on him. Anyway, he's decided to be a character called "The Blue Spirit". But I have to make him a mask like this one:

Any suggestions from you crafty people? I thought about papier-mache, but I'm not quite sure how to create the ridges and such. Any ideas on how to make this mask?

The World According to Jenn

I figured I'd better post something lest y'all decide to pull one of my own tricks on me and start singing on my blog. So, here's a brief update on life in Hacker Haus:
  • Friday night I went with my friends Rachel and Jackie out to Midnight Rodeo (a country-western dancehall/bar only about three blocks from my house) to celebrate my b-day a little early. Had a few drinks, danced a lot, played some pool and a grand time was had by all.
  • Had a minor foot procedure at the podiatrist early Saturday morning.
  • Jameie's soccer team won 2-0 on Saturday. Jamie played goalie for one quarter and had three "saves". My kid is not only awesome as a defender, but he's a fantastic goalie, too!
  • Dad had finally called me on Friday, asking if Jamie and I were coming down to visit. So of course we did. Went down very late Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday around 4-ish.
  • Got home to discover that my wonderful friend Rachel had given me an awesome birthday present while I was away: She cleaned my apartment for me. THAT was a truly-appreciated and much-needed gift!
  • Received several "Happy 30th Birthday" e-cards, e-mails and phone calls on Sunday from all across the U.S.
  • Had a great conversation with one of my "favoritist" (as Jamie says) people late Sunday night and a wee bit into Monday morning.
  • Yesterday I went and took my second exam for my US History class. It's amazing how much better one feels one did on an exam when one actually READS the assignments! Rachel had picked up Jamie from school for me and they were at my apartment watching "Over the Hedge" when I got home. Then Jamie and I snuggled up in the papasan chair and cuddled while we watched "Heroes" last night on NBC. I LOVE this show. I just hope NBC doesn't pull a trick like it did with "Surface" (an awesome, underrated show).
  • Received some funny cards in the mail yesterday, and a very nice and much-appreciated b-day present from Tooz and David.
  • Went to bed at a decent hour last night, so I actually got a good night's sleep for once. I feel pretty darn good today!!!

So now you're sufficiently caught up on life in Hacker Haus. Rachel and Destiny are moving in next month. I still have sooooo much work to do on the apartment to make room for them (like shoveling out Jamie's room for them to use!) I don't even want to think about how much work I have to do!!!!

Big hugs to you all!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baby, the Rain Must Fall

It rained last night. Great big sheets of rain moving across the parking lot, blowing water all over the place. Every time there's the slightest bit of precipitation at my apartment, the power goes out. Luckily, I remembered this BEFORE the lights went out. Sure enough, as soon as I mentioned to Jamie that we should get the flashlights, the lights flickered. We had the flashlights in our hands no more than 30 seconds before the lights went out.

Jamie doesn't mind the rain, but it absolutely terrifies him when the lights all go out and we're in the pitch black darkness. Kid's got an overactive imagination like his momma. So we always know where the flashlights are kept for power outages.

Well, we were only without power for about five minutes, luckily. But Jamie was afraid to go to bed. Being the savvy mom that I am, I said "Okay, so take a flashlight in the bed with you." Jamie also has his special Build-a-Bear Workshop bear Fuzz Lightyear that he can't sleep without. So off he goes to bed with flashlight and bear, oh - and don't forget his Magic Turtle pillow he's slept on since he was two. It's magic because it keeps the nightmares away. Oh, yeah, and don't forget the Scooby Doo pillow, can't sleep without that. So you can imagine my amusement when I went to check on him and saw this:

There are so many things I find greatly funny about this picture on sooooo many different levels. Then there's also the part of me that loves to watch my boy sleep. When he's sleeping, he looks just like he did as a baby. I've got pictures of him sleeping in Mom's lap where his face looks exactly the same. Gee, where has the time gone?

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm So Proud of My Boy!

Down here, they have this neat feature called "parent portal" where you can log in to check grades, if your child has an overdue library book, cafeteria account balances, attendance, immunization records, etc. Well, report cards come home tomorrow, but being the impatient Mommy I am, I decided to take a peek at his final grades. I'm so proud of my boy, I just had to share it with ya'll!!!!

And that "excellent" in conduct means he's getting a bonus "prize" this month! It'll be small, but I have to reward him for his awesome behavior, not to mention all A's and B's on his report card! Yay, Jamie!!!!!!

CONDUCT - Excellent
PHYS ED - Excellent
ART - Satisfactory
HANDWRITING - Satisfactory
HEALTH - Satisfactory
MUSIC - Satisfactory
TH ARTS - Satisfactory
READING/3 - 83

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Repeating Patterns

I hate to use my blog to whine, but I have to get this off my chest. Dear, Darlin' Father is at it again. He's back to his usual tricks of basically showing me how insignificant and unimportant I am. I was babysitting Destiny yesterday, so Dad had offered to come up here to visit. He specifically told me to call him around noon to see what the game plan was. I did, and got no answer. So I left him a message on his answering machine. He never called me back.

So, at around 2 o'clock I called again. His phone only rang twice before the answering machine kicked on, so I figured he hadn't gotten my message yet. I left him another message telling him to call me when he got in. He never called me back.

So, this morning I called again at around 9 a.m. The phone rang four times, so I know he got my previous messages. I left him another message asking him to call me and that I wasn't driving down there until I heard from him. It's been 2.5 hours, and no call back. He's back to his old patterns again.

See, my birthday is next week. Dad has this "lovely" habit of inventing reasons to be mad at people on their birthdays and major holidays - that way he doesn't have to get them anything (not even a card - which is all I want anyway!) and he gets the double joy of proving to them how insignificant and unimportant he views them to be. He's showing me how worthless I am in his eyes because 1) I'm female, and 2) I didn't grow up to be the person he had declared I had to be. And even though I know what he's doing, it hurts very much. I feel so tiny and unloved right now, and this is even with knowing what he's doing. I know I shouldn't be hurt by it, but I am. And there's such a big part of me that's angry. Angry that Mom, the one who loved me no matter what I did or who I was, is gone. And Dad, who hates everyone and everything and is such a huge ball of poison, is still here. I know I shouldn't be angry, I should be happy that Mom is at peace now and in no more pain. And I know it's selfish of me to wish she was still here. And yes, I realize that it's a great big sin to wish my father was dead - but there it is. And here I am, and now I need to go calm down so I can put on a happy face for my boy. But one thing is for damn sure right now - I will NEVER make my son as miserable as my father has made all of us.

Big hugs and lots of love for my adopted "family" out there. You've given me more love and support than you'll ever know. Love to you all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Origami Originals

Yesterday, we got a package in the mail from Momma Tooz. What fun stuff was inside! Jamie was especially excited about the origami books Tooz had included. He'd done a little bit in art class, apparently. So he pounced on the origami books right off. Here's a picture I snapped of him folding away. Of course, I didn't tell him this, but everything he made looked exactly the same, regardless of which set of instructions he was supposed to be following. However, he was happy, quiet and allowed me to do my homework, so I left him alone. I then had to wrestle the books away from him to get him in the shower and to bed.

I was going to digitally edit out the messy state of my living room, then decided I'd be honest and let you all see how trashed my house has become. Be glad I didn't take the picture in the kitchen - you'd be shocked and amazed at the number of dirty dishes in my sink and on my counters! (This is what happens when you're never home. The dirty dishes multiply like rabbits! I knew I should have had them all neutered! That's my story and I'm sticking too it - I didn't do it, the dishes just multiplied!) LOL!

Rachel and Destiny are coming over tonight. The kids are going to check out the playground newly installed at my apartment complex, and Rachel and I are going to take chairs and books down there so we can do homework while the kids play.

Another cute thing - remember before how Jamie was sooooo bothered by Destiny? He admitted the other day that he's missed seeing her. Now that Rachel works days, we only have to keep Destiny every other weekend. We'll have Destiny this weekend, and Jamie asked if we could put one of his old jersies on her to wear to his soccer game. That's a far cry from the little boy who was worried that people would "know" Destiny was with us last time! Now he wants her around and wearing his old clothes. LOL!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slug Weather

Today, we're experiencing what I call "slug weather". It's raining a bit, just enough moisture to pull the slugs and snails up out of the ground to lie all over the place, disgusting me with their squishy, slimy selves. This is why I could never eat escargot, people. Bleck! I also call it "slug weather" because it makes me feel like I just want to lie like a slug in bed all day. I didn't want to come to work today, but since I had already taken a vacation day yesterday, I didn't think I could take another day off. Then it would have been even harder to get motivated to go back to work.

In other news:
- Rachel was able to get her schedule at work changed to daytime hours three days a week, which means I will only keep Destiny every other Saturday.

- Instead of getting to take my planned Chicago vacation this past weekend, it was spent in study and family time. Yesterday was spent helping Rachel find a car. 9 hours and 250 miles of driving from car to car later, we found her a decent 1989 Honda Accord in her price range. It still has a few quirks to fix, but Hondas have an excellent reputation.

- I finally got my grade for the exam I took 10/2/06 in my US History II class. Despite the fact that I didn't even get to read the last three chapters covered in that unit, I managed to get a "C". Apparently, I remembered just enough from Chip's classes in high school to not totally disgrace myself. I've vowed never to go into an exam that unprepared again though, so I'm spending more time on history, less on blogging. Sorry guys. Studies and family's going to have to trump the blogging. I'll still try to post at least twice a week, though.

- Jamie's team lost again on Saturday, but it was a victory in a way. The team we were playing is really good (the best in the league). They have ridiculous amounts of weekly practices and the coach spends every preseason recruiting players (even though you aren't supposed to). Our kids were able to score a goal against them (Jamie had another "assist"), which no other team in the league so far this season has been able to do! Yay!!! We were also able to keep them from scoring several goal attempts. Final score was 3-1, in their favor. The other team kicked the ball to the goal about 15 times, but our kids kept the ball out all but three times. Way to go, Wizards!!!

- My first paper for my criminal evidence and procedure class got an "A"! The entire course grade is based on four papers and your responses to weekly discussion questions. I have full points for all discussion questions. So as it stands now, I have "A"s in three classes and a "C" in my history class. I'm going to try to pull up the history grade to an "A". It's based solely on four exams. Overachiever that I am, I want straight "A"s in all subjects, as I don't see working full-time and raising Jamie full-time as an excuse for less than my best. Gee, maybe this is why I get burned out so quickly every time I try to go back to school! LOL! Can't help it. Guess I'm a Type A personality (forgive the bad pun, there).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Sorry, But That Was Just Plain Stupid!

I was reading the news online the other day, and noticed a quote regarding the tragic Amish school shooting earlier this week. Basically, the quote read something like this:

"Such-and-such person, a truck driver, barricaded himself in the school with the students. It is not known whether or not he is Amish."

DUH! If he were Amish, he wouldn't be a truck driver, now would he? This led me to contemplate some other highly stupid things that have been said by well-known people or written as headlines in our newspapers:

"People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history."
- Dan Quayle

"We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads."
- Vlade Divac, Basketball player

"Most lies about blondes are false."
- Headline

"Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything."
- Ivana Trump, on her first novel

"You can't just let nature run wild."
- Wally Hickel, former Alaska governor

"Lack of brains hinders research."
- Headline

"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
- Lee Iacocca, Chairman of the Chrysler corporation

"And now the sequence of events in no particular order."
- Dan Rather

"They misunderestimated me."
-George W. Bush

"It isn't pollution that is hurting the environment, it's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
- Dan Quayle

And my personal favorite:

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

Monday, October 02, 2006

Freak Out!

I'm freaking. Really truly freaking. In 21 days I'll be 30. I know I've been mildly freaked for some time that is date was approaching, but now that it's October, I'm REALLY freaking out! Why can't I just stay a kid forever, like on the Toys R' Us commercials?

I don't wanna grow up,
I'm a Toys R' Us kid
There's a million toys at
Toys R' Us that I can play with!
I don't wanna grow up
'cause if I did,
I wouldn't be a Toys R' Us kid!

When you're 30, you aren't supposed to do silly immature things like go to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture show (not that I've done that in a loooooooooonnnngg time, but I might have the urge to do it soon), or seriously enjoy meals such as hot dogs and Spaghetti O's washed down with strawberry Kool-aid. Heck, I guess when you're 30 you're not supposed to hold your son down so you can fart on him, either, are you? While Jamie might enjoy the reprieve from that particular family ritual, I'll miss it greatly. It's really fun to watch him giggle and squirm and try to get away from me, pretending like he hates it but laughing so hard he's gasping for air (or is he gasping because I farted on him? Can't really say for sure). And did you know that after the age of 30, a woman's chances of having a meaningful relationship drop to about only 20%!?! So, I don't want to be 30 yet. Can I just refuse to acknowledge that Oct. 22 exists? Can we skip from 10/21/06 to 10/23/06 without that other day in between?

In other news:

1) Jamie's team got trounced in Saturday's game. There hasn't been a sporting event like that since the Romans stopped throwing Christians to the lions. Halfway through the third quarter, Jamie strained a muscle in his side and had to sit out the rest of the game. He's better today, but he's still sore. On a good note, though, he managed to get through the month of September without getting his pyramid down at school, so he earned a reward. He decided he didn't want to go to Build-a-Bear this time, so he picked out a new Avatar: The Last Airbender toy for his treat. I was happy as it was less than half the cost of a trip to B-A-B.

2) My first exam is today, and I am in no way ready for it. At least if I get a bad grade today, I'll have three more exams in that class to bring the average up.

3) I discovered yesterday that, despite the fact it had been 15 years since I last tried to do one, I can still do a cartwheel, straight as an arrow. Jamie was feeling better and was trying to do a cartwheel outside while I walked the dog, but was not being too successful. He looked more like he was trying to impersonate a hermit crab. I couldn't help but giggle, so he got all huffy and said he'd like to see me do one. Well, I did! I don't know who was more surprised, Jamie or me! (See, that's another reason why I can't be turning 30 yet. 30 year olds aren't supposed to be doing cartwheels out on the lawn, are they?)

Have a good day everyone!