Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five: Grateful Edition

Today, since I've been grousing so much here lately, I thought I would post five things for which I am grateful.  In no particular order:

1.  I am grateful that I only work three days next week.  While it's true I've already had six days off work since October (and that does not include holidays), I've been at Jamie's school doing student observations, so they haven't FELT like days off.  I've still had to get up early - in fact, even earlier than I would for work, I've had to dress nice (nicer than what I wear to work), and I've had to interact with people.  So, they haven't really been days "off".

2.  I am grateful that the following week I will have Friday off.  Again, time off with kid to do whatever.  Sounds great to me!

3.  I am grateful that Jamie and I had already agreed on a low-key Christmas this year.  He already knows he's only getting a few things.  He has been limited to buying things for his BB, Joel & his sigoth, Leah, and just a few close friends.  Basically, all my loved ones are getting this year are Christmas cards with our love and well wishes inside.  I'm trying really hard to pinch my pennies this year because of upcoming student teaching, when I will not be able to work outside of my student teaching, which of course doesn't pay anything.

4.  I'm grateful that my work usually gives out Christmas bonuses.  (Hint, hint, hint, if you're reading this, powers that be!)  This is where most of the small Christmas we're having is coming from.

5.  I'm grateful that I have so many good friends and loved ones in my life.  This is what I am most grateful for.  You all rock!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Like "Teletubbies" Meets "Alien"

Oh, this is so wrong! It's like a horrible mutant Teletubby (well, more mutantier than usual), or some horrible mash-up between an episode of Teletubbies and that scene in Alien when that thing came out of the guy's stomach.  I just can't look at it anymore.  Please, put it away, and for goodness sake, do NOT buy this for anyone! I believe I'd rather have a Snuggie!

In case you were wondering, it's called a "peekaru". If you buy this for anyone this Christmas, that person will know, without a doubt, that you actually hate him or her. Please, spread love at Christmas, not terror and angst!

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Parent's Christmas Wish List

Hey, kids!  Christmas is just around the corner, and I know you're wondering just what the heck you can get for good ol' Mom and Dad.  They have everything, right?  And you don't want to give them the same gifts you give every year - the ties, perfume, etc. of which they already have too much.  So, to help you out, I've compiled this list of things that your parents will absolutely LOVE to receive...and the best thing is, they're FREE!

  1. When cooking yourself something in the kitchen, actually PICK UP your trash and throw it away, rather than leaving it on the counter for mom or dad to find later.
  2. If the garbage can is full, instead of piling your garbage on top until it overflows onto the floor, actually take the garbage out to the garbage bin, then... this is the important part.... PUT A NEW GARBAGE BAG IN THE TRASH CAN.  (I know, amazing concept, right?)
  3. Boys, return toilet sits to the proper position once you have finished your business!  I'm tired of going swimming when I'm half asleep and forget to check if you put the durn thing back down.
  4. Be able to find your socks/shoes/watch/medication/favorite sweater without having to shout "Mom, where's my ______?!?!!?" every once in a while.
  5. When your parents tell you to do something, do not reply "In a minute."  Be like Nike and "Just do it".
  6. Furthermore, when your parents tell you to do something, try the novel approach of actually doing it the first time you're told, instead of waiting to see how many times mom and/or dad can repeat themselves before they blow a gasket.
  7. When it's your turn to do the dishes, actually do them BEFORE they turn funny colors and start to stink.
  8. And, hey, this list isn't just for the older kids.  You little ones can get in on the act, too!  When in public, don't blurt out embarrassing remarks about your mom's hiney, tushy, or whatever else you might call it.  Don't blurt out stuff about other people's hiney or tushy, either.
So there you have it, kiddos.  Just a few simple suggestions for what you can get your parents this year.  They're free and easy to do, but your parents will be so appreciative!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

What I'm Doing

I've been very busy (and very lazy) since Thanksgiving break.  I've been shamefully lax in updating my blog.  I don't have the brain cells to put too much here, but I will give you the highlights.

  • Jamie and I had a very lovely, wonderful visit over Thanksgiving.  We didn't publicize where we were going, becuase we couldn't possibly see all the people we wanted to.  Suffice it to be said that we were having a grand time and felt very loved.  Wish we were closer to home!
  • The semester is almost over for me.  Hallelujah!  My brain cells are so fried, somebody might confuse them for fast food.  Just a couple of weeks to go.
  • Jamie and I are both busy with churchly activities.  I kicked myself in the butt and we're back going to services after our hiatus there for a few weeks.  I've enjoyed it immensely!  We've also been busy with getting ready for the Christmas Cantata.  It's next weekend, and I just found out tonight I will be singing the solo I wanted.  If you can stand it, I'll try to get some video or at least audio of it and post it here.  Jamie is also singing in the Cantata, although he isn't singing any solos. He is possibly singing in a small-group backup kind of dealie, but Marc has not officially stated who is doing what on all the songs.  I just found out tonight (our penultimate rehearsal) that I'll have a solo.
  • Work is plugging along nicely.
Other than that, there isn't much to report.  I probably won't post anything on here again until after finals and the Cantata are over.  Love you all!