Monday, June 05, 2006

Ruminations Whilst I Await my Laundry

Gee, I should post in the middle of the night more often! Before midnight hit, I was able to do a post for Sunday; I worked on it so long that time crept past midnight, and I got to go ahead and post something for Monday! Yay! Two birds, one stone.... However, I will say that the Monday post is full of randomness. Sunday's post is much more of a revelation kind of thing when I was reading my bible. So, if you want silliness, read this post. If you want to know about my faith walk, read Sunday's post below. If you want to know about both, then read both (Duh!)... But, now back to the ruminations thing.

Numero Uno: I got an e-mail awhile back from my brother, Joel, which contained a link to a website containing pictures he took in and around New York City. My favorite ones are the first and last groups. They are gorgeous! The first set is from Central Park; the second is more specifically of the North Woods in Central Park. As Phil and Lil from Rugrats would say "They're 'prettiful'"! So please check out my talented brother's link under the links section to the left of this blog. His link is aptly titled "Beautiful Pictures by Joel Hacker".

Numero Dos: My poor dog, Ziggy, has evidently had an allergic reaction to a new type of dog treat I bought him. He has scratched himself so much he has left raw, bleeding spots all over his body. I had to shave off all his fur except for what is on his ears, face and tail (although what hair is left was trimmed down to about one-fourth of an inch)! I shaved him so I could actually get to all the spots where he has chewed and scratched himself to pieces. It was worse than I thought. So then I went to the store and got some children's benadryl and same lanacaine spray. He hates them both, but he is no longer ripping gouges in his own skin scratching. But my poor four-legged son is naked, pink, raw and ugly.

Numero Tres: Speaking of funny haircuts, Jamie's papaw took him to get a haircut last week. The barber asked, "Do you want a boy's haircut?" Dad thought, "Well, Duh!" so he told the barber to go ahead. Seems like the barber is from a generation even further back than Dad's and thought this meant he wanted his head practically shaved! Jamie now has hair so short he has to put sunblock on his scalp before he can go outside to play!!!

And to top that off, I decided yesterday that, since everyone else had gotten a haircut, it was my turn. I have been cutting my own hair for almost a year now, and think I do a pretty good job. Well, I was in a hurry as this was just before my friend Karen's daughter's wedding (we're talking less than an hour before we needed to leave the house). I thought I did a great job, it looked really cute and was exactly the way I wanted it. Or so I thought. When I took Jamie back down to Dad's today, he asked me "What happened to your hair?" So of course I asked what he meant. "The back is all uneven and looks like the stylist wasn't watching what she was doing. What, was she talking to somebody?" I went and used two mirrors to see, and sure enough, it's all over the place! That's what I get for being in a rush and not taking the trouble to check it out when I'm done!

Numero Quatro: And yes, you read it right. Jamie is back at Papaw's this week. Ziggy and I both are very unhappy about it. But my summer babysitter is at church camp this week and Jamie and Papaw are enjoying each other (for now). However, I have an emergency back-up on standby should things get too hairy (pardon the pun) down there before the week is out!


ann said...

those are really beautiful pictures! i wish i'd had a good camera when i was in beautiful places. but i don't really know much about taking pictures. is joel self taught?

Tooz said...

His four-legged son probably taught him.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Joel is self-taught. I'm so proud of my Bubby!

Gjieri didn't teach Joel, his extra legs get in the way. Speaking of extra legs, did you see on the news a while back about the six-legged lamb that was born in England? It can't walk or anything, so the farmer who owns it was looking into what it would cost to remove the two extra legs. I wonder what ever happened to it... Guess it's time to "google" it!