Friday, June 09, 2006

Embarrassing Pictures!

I have a feeling these will get me killed, but I found some pictures last night when I was unpacking a box. Pictures from our "glory days" of high school - my senior year, Suze and Ann's junior year. So, of course I just HAD to post these on Blogger! So here goes (she says as she ducks, covers and makes a run for it!) And just so you don't hurt me too badly, I included a very embarrassing picture of me and my bubby, too!

If anyone pictured here absolutely hates having their picture up, let me know and I'll take it down. Love you all!


Lydia said...

even after seeing his picture, I still don't remember him, but that is a good thing. It means he must have been nice. Unfortunately, I remember some people who were really mean to me in high school. So, apparently, he was a nice guy whether he wanted to be or not.

Love the pictures, Jenn!! What musical was that? (I'm assuming it was one)

P.S., IF you find any pictures of me from high school and choose to post them, you WILL regret it. :)
Have a nice day.

Lydia said...

I clicked on this and it said zero comments--AFTER I'd allready left a comment. Does this mean my comments don't matter? I'm hurt. :)

ann said...

silly lydia, sometimes you have to reload. now i'm teaching you about blogs.

i think we look sooosoo young in those pictures. i think i look 12. and look how sassy suze looks. and that little girl kim on the end looks totally uninterested in being there. those are funny pictures.

to me, you still look the same, jennifer, except maybe for the hair in the picture with joel! ha! bet he doesn't look like that anymore.

probably still that skinny, though

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Lydia, that's from "Anything Goes" (Cole Porter), my senior year 1995. I played a gangster's moll named Bonnie, and I had two solos!

Ann - Yes, Joel is still skin and bones. He can't help it - it's his allergies (Jamie is built the same way). And thank you for ignoring the 50-some-odd extra pounds I've put on since high school. That makes me feel MUCH BETTER!

And I may have to use that picture again for when I finally blog about the hair down here, like you suggested!

Love ya!

Suze said...

OMG does that ever bring back a flood of memories. gotta love my red shorts and chicken legs.
i was the only angel who wasn't a cheerleader, if i recall. i hated, hated, hated that costume.
remember the disaster that was choreographing "blow, gabriel, blow"? as if it wasn't asking for some bad jokes already.
it all makes me a little misty-eyed for ms. moore. you know, every once in a while i have a dream about her.
sassy, sassy suze

Suze said...

okay, upon closer inspection i see that one of the angels was dear, dear kelli m, whom i adore.

my husband greatly enjoyed seeing these :)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I figured he would especially enjoy the strategically-placed flowers on the white costume! LOL

I miss Ms. Moore too. I found these pictures in my senior scrapbook, and saw what she had written me, and I just cried (I seem to be doing a lot of that here lately! The trip home made me long for Ky!)

Nurse #563, Myrtle Mae's understudy, Anybody's, sound person #4, Wife #9, Anne Protheroe, Bonnie (why is it I always got to play a tease, a flirt, part of a harem, a murdering slut, a ganster's moll or some other similar role? I don't know, but it sure was fun!)

I thought I would leave that behind when I went to college - nope, my first role was a bit part of a "loose" hippie in a musical skit. Then I returned briefly to acting after Jamie was born when I acted in a musical dinner theatre - I played a hard, jaded gangster's moll. But I loved it because I got to sing an awesome song from the 20's called "Hard Hearted Hannah"! That's where I really learned how to use my voice to sing!

Lydia said...

is that adrien on the stairs ?
i loved him! boy could sing and he was just fun to be around. anyone know what happened to him?

and is kelly m kelly moses? cause she was a doll!

okay jenn. if you have pictures from performances your freshman or sophomore year i'd really enjoy seeing them

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yep, that's Adrian and Kelli Moses. Don't know what happened to either one.

I'm sure I have pictures. I kept all the boxes and boxes and boxes of photographs that Mom had stored everywhere. And she came to everything I ever did, so I'm sure I'll find more pictures (and some of you, too, Lydia! Woo hah ahahhahahahaha!)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember me either, Lydia.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yay! My bubby visited my blog this morning! Don't worry, Joel, Lydia may be experiencing pregnancy Alzheimers. I'll dig up some pics of you at graduation, and she may remember you then. Love you all!

ann said...

kelly teaches music at Garth and she just did a tour in europe with some group (don't remember the countries or the group). ran into her mom at kroger. now that's a sweet lady.