Friday, June 16, 2006

A Message from Stinkbumps, Himself!

I miss you.I hope you are ok.Thank you Ann for leting me be in your weting.


P.S. Jamie got tired of typing, so he asked me to tell Ms. Susan thank you for the cool new study Bible, and thank you to Mr. David for the Jenga and card game. He also wanted me to tell Everett thanks for talking with him, and also Geron, too. And he says thank you to Lydia, and says she's going to be a "pretty Mommy". So, see, even Jamie says you were a model, Lydia! And Jamie says if we come to Nashville to visit, he wants to challenge Daniel to some soccer. Love and hugs from me and Jamie!


Lydia said...

I knew your son was a genius, jenn! And he's also a very sweet boy as well.

Tooz said...

Tell Jenn he is welcome, that I am glad he can use the Bible. I am also sure that Mr. David is pleased, too, that he is enjoying the Jenga game and whatever else it was he got. We love you guys. Let us know if you come to Nashville--we'll try to get down there! I know that I can drive that far by myself now, and I'll be sure and take a spare car key this next time I go ANYWHERE.

Tooz said...

Whoops, don't tell JENN, tell JAMIE. Sorry about that.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

We're looking into some short trips for Labor Day weekend. (I still haven't heard any suggestions for vacations, people!) I get a 4 day weekend for July 4, but it's too late to get any really good deals. We're also looking for some deals for possibly part of the week of Thanksgiving (Jamie gets the whole week of Thanksgiving off school, and by then I'll have paid vacation time! Woo hoo). Then of course we're going to buzz up to NYC to see Joel in March when Jamie's on spring break. So, we're trying to plan stuff!

Love you all!