Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jesus Really IS My Co-Pilot!

I took Jesus for a spin through downtown San Antonio today. Or rather, he took me for one. I didn't intend for it to happen that way, but happen it did.

Jamie goes to a child psychiatrist to treat his ADHD. His original monthly appointment was cancelled and for whatever reason, they didn't contact me about it until we showed up for it. So they rescheduled us for another clinic site (they have three) with one of his psychiatrist's colleagues, as his normal doc was on vacation. Well, this clinic was in downtown San Antonio, in a not very nice area. Even in broad daylight, I was a little frightened of where we were!

So, anyway, on the way back to the interstate, we almost got killed. Literally. I had never driven in downtown San Antonio before, there were no road signs, traffic was very heavy and the sun was shining right in my eyes. Not a good combination. So I turned left to try to get back to where I could get on I-35 to get the heck out of there. But I didn't realize it was a divided street, and I accidently turned left into oncoming traffic. And the road was divided with a concrete barrier, so I had to just pray pray pray while I kept going to try to get to where I could get back going the right way. I was sooooo scared because there were cars everywhere.

So I prayed, and it was like all of a sudden I felt calm. And even though there were all these cars, I was able to go past them without even coming close to them, and then turn left again so I was going the proper way on another street. And then I was totally lost, scared and in another creepy part of town by this point. The way San Antonio is set up, you can't see the interstate until you are literally right up on it. So, here I was lost, no idea which direction to go and almost out of gas. But a little voice kept telling me "turn left here, go straight, turn right here. Keep going! You're doing okay! There, on your left, there's the on-ramp to the interstate." And, I honestly believe He kept Jamie occupied with his books so he wouldn't look up and get scared over what all was happening. Jamie never even looked up the whole time. So, as I said, Jesus and I took a little spin today.

We've only been downtown one time before that, when my ex-boyfriend came down to visit when we first moved to Texas. He drove a rental and took us. But the next time we want to stroll the Riverwalk, see the Alamo, or anything like that, we'll take public transpo!


Anonymous said...

I take public transport literally every day, most of us in NYC do, and I can offer some helpful tips:

1: Always look before you sit. That sticky residue might be an entire microscopic civilization. Do you really want your butt to cause the deaths of millions? (without having eaten curry)

2: If you're having trouble getting a seat, pretend to search around under the seats and ask people if they've seen your colostomy bag.

3: If you actually FIND a colostomy bag, get on a different bus.

4: When someone shakes a cup with coins in it at you and says "Spare change", remember to say "thank you" when you take some.

5: If someone sings motown songs at you, unasked, and expects to be paid for it, sing more recent songs right back at them and demand twice as much payment. You'd only be adjusting for inflation.

6: When the person next to you starts discussing the sordid details of their sex life on their cell phone, stare interestedly at them like a reporter and openly take notes.

Seriously, don't drive downtown. Not only might you die, but you'll have to pay WAY too much for parking if you don't.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I love you, too, Bubby! I hope you enjoyed the CD Jamie and I sent you!

Tooz said...

that Jesus, He knows how to drive! Just ask my cousin Susie. She picked up my brother Mike at the airport in Louisville one Monday afternoon at 5:15 and got him to Georgetown by 6:20! (through weeday, rush-hour Watterson traffic and all!) She said she had no idea how it happened, first she was in Louisville picking Mike up, the next she knew, she was in Georgetown! (Oh, by the way, that was when my mom was dying, and we were worried sick that Mike wouldn't get there before she passed away--he did.)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I will have to say the public transpo is much nicer here than it is in NYC. They even have bike racks on all the buses so that if you want to ride your bike part of the way, you can do it. I think that's neat. It would be even neater if SA would put bike lanes on all streets - but as it is right now, you literally take your life in your own hands whenever you attempt to ride a bike on a public road.

ann said...

do they let you ride your bike on the bus? that might be nice.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Nope, no riding bikes on the bus. And no four-legged children, either, unless it's an assistance four-legged child (for the blind, the handicapped, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Unicycles on the bus are ok, but only if you can juggle.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Just make sure you don't hit the bus driver in the head with whatever you're juggling. They don't like that.

ann said...

that's really cool. it's a miracle.