Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I’m proud to announce that I took Jamie in for a teeth cleaning at the dentist today, and he has no cavities.  I figured since he’s getting braces this month it might be a good idea for his teeth to have been professionally cleaned before getting the braces on.  Other than a bit of laziness when it comes to flossing, he has good oral hygiene.  The dentist also said that his 12-year molars are coming in early.  The kid was born with a tooth, and the others started showing up pretty rapidly after his birth, so early teeth are no surprise to me!


On a bad note, though, I’ve discovered the start of a cavity in a very ucky place in my own mouth, up near the gum line on a front tooth (very visible and breakable) and a “temporary” crown for a broken tooth that was supposed to last only six months (and has been on for FIVE YEARS) is failing, and old fillings need replacing, and just a general state of decay in my own mouth means I need some major work done at the dentist’s office.  I haven’t seen a dentist in five years (see above re: temporary crown), because my insurance has never covered dental work.  However, Jamie goes regularly because his cleanings and x-rays are covered by CHIP (thank you, Jesus).  So, since all my inheritance-type money is going into Jamie’s orthodontia, my own dental needs will have to wait until August when I get my school money.  Please pray that my teeth won’t get worse or have any more breaks before then!


On the home front, painting and repairs have temporarily halted in light of my school starting yesterday and having to finish getting everything out of the old house and it cleaned up before June 15.  That is taking all my energies right now.  I fully expect the house stuff to have to wait until July 31, the last day of my classes.  I will then have a whole month before school starts up again.  I hope to get all the painting and such done then, and I’ll post pictures of how I’ve fixed up my new home.


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Animal said...

We're lucky that dental is covered under the insurance I get at work…although vision isn't! (Not a big deal for me, but kind of a big deal for poor Miss Tessmacher, who lacks the el perfecto vision that I enjoy.)

I'm a total baby about my teeth, which is why I'm still living with 20+ year-old fillings and have only undergone a single crown. *shudders* I dread the day that my dentist uses the term "root canal!"