Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Answer to Becca's Question

So, Becca asked a question about Jamie's teeth, making the comment that she didn't mean to be rude, but she didn't see why he needed braces on the bottom. You're not being rude, Becca, you're being inquisitive. To answer your question, if you look closely at the pictures in this post, you'll see that his bottom teeth are shifted about 3 mm to the left of his mouth (his left, your right)out of alignment with his top teeth. This has caused all the teeth on the left side of his mouth to be out of alignment with the top teeth. This in turn means his bite is off, which causes his teeth to grind together, triggering headaches, toothaches, and could cause premature wearing down of his teeth and breakage. In the pictures of the inside of his mouth from the orthodontist's website, his teeth don't fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, more like the points hit exactly on the points of his top teeth, and they aren't supposed to do that.

Jamie's teeth from the front. See how the bottom teeth are not properly aligned with the top?

Jamie's teeth on the right side of his mouth. See how they line up perfectly? Just like a jigsaw puzzle, they way they are supposed to line up.

Jamie's left side of his mouth. Wait a minute! What's this? What are all those gaps doing there? Why are the points resting on each other? That's not supposed to happen, and can cause lots of problems!

To fix this, all of his bottom teeth need to be in braces to be sure that they are lined up properly. There's a chance his chronic migraines could be far less frequent after his bite gets straightened out. His top teeth, of course, are crooked as all heck, as can be seen from the pictures. Also, if you look closely, you can see that his top front four teeth stick out at an angle; what may be harder to notice is that his bottom teeth also go out at an angle, just a lesser angle than the top teeth.

See? His teeth poke out at an angle.

By now, you should know more about my kid's orthodontia then you probably ever wanted to know. Sorry about that! (Actually, I'm not. I like to answer questions thoroughly. LOL!)


ann said...

That's what makes you an A student.

I wonder if I could recognize that last picture in a group of others. It's funny how much it looks like him without all the skin and muscle, etc.

And speaking of muscle, I saw a show several years ago where a guy had an off bite, and the doctor had him lift something out to both sides (can't remember what it was), and measured how much he could lift. Then he put in a bite corrector jigger and had him lift again, and the guy could lift a lot more weight. Fascinating.

Jessi said...

I should have had braces. Now my teeth are shattering like glass because of my rampant grinding, caused in part by my weird bite in the back. Fix it and fix it good! It can't possibly be worse than root canals.

Suze said...

So the braces will help with the headaches? I hope so.

Tara said...

I was wondering the same thing, so thanks for clearing it up for us "inquisitive" types (which could also be read as "nosey"). :)