Thursday, June 04, 2009

Less Progress

Jamie had a minor asthma attack during skating, and didn't feel very well afterward. We wound up leaving the rink early. I didn't think his lungs would do too well inhaling a bunch of paint fumes after all that, so we decided to forego priming and painting tonight. This means Pablo can't paint actual colors on the wall tomorrow, but he can finish the priming. While Jamie rests here at home, I'm working on something that I've been trying to do since Jamie's birthday - take down the Christmas tree. Yes, I know it's June 4. Yes, I know most sane people took their trees down SIX MONTHS ago. I've just been a little busy. I think the only reason why I'm working on taking it down now is because we're moving. Otherwise, it would still be up in August.


ann said...

You know we (G-town family) kept ours up year round, right? And some people do that intentionally. We did decorate it for a few other holidays, but if we're too lazy to take it down, we're too lazy to make every date on the calendar, too. And one year we didn't even bother putting it up so I drew one on paper. They still hang it sometimes. (Or maybe it's up all year now and I just didn't notice. It's not even pretty.) I still like you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Half the Christmas tree is naked, the other half is still fully decorated. I'll work on it some more when I take my lunch break today. *sigh*

Oh, and Ann? I loved your drawn-on-paper Christmas tree!