Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two-Year Anniversary and a Raise!

Yesterday was my two year anniversary with the company I work for. Doesn't seem like two years could have passed already, but they have. Anyway, we couldn't do my year-end review yesterday as we had too many projects up in the air (including one which has entailed me fighting with the FDA over certification of medical instruments, but I won't go into that giant headache). So, my review was today.

Out of that meeting, I got:
  • a raise (yay)
  • a pat on the back for the job I've been doing (double-yay)
  • a promise to start reviewing me for raises more often than just 1x a year (triple-yay)
  • recognition of my talents and smarts (quadruple-yay); and
  • an admonishment that my desk is starting to look cluttered and messy and I need to do a better job of keeping it looking nice for when clients walk in.

Okay, so the last one wasn't so good; but hey, if that's the worst thing somebody can say about me, that I'm messy, I'll take it and run!

Out of that meeting also came a setting of a deadline for me to complete the webpage (before the end of 2007) and a promise that there will be set days allocated for my boss' wife to come in and do my normal duties for me while I work on nothing but the webpage. We also set a project deadline for me to complete gathering information and prepare a comparison report between communication companies (we aren't very happy with our current phone/ISP company). This too is contingent upon me having help in the office, as I pointed out (politely, of course) that I am only one person. Last but not least, I was given permission to order a better, more comfortable office chair, as the one I currently use kills my back.

All in all, today was a pretty good day!


Suze said...

yay! yay! yay! yay!

sounds like your job is at the very least interesting, anyway.

and i hope your boss's wife gets paid, by the way. can the company just not afford to hire another person so you're not doing the work of 2 people?

Lydia said...

Congrats on your raise and hopes for future ones to come more often! Good job, Jenn!! And being messy is just another thing that endears you to our family. Love ya, girl!

ann said...

Awesome! That's awesome news! Congratulations.