Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have not been a happy camper the past several days. To start with, I've had a headache that has slipped back and forth over into migraine territory for about a week now. I've also been having some inexplicable pain in my left foot - basically ever since I started walking around the soccer fields while Jamie has soccer practice. There are four U6 (small) soccer fields and three U10 (medium sized) soccer fields in this area, plus a whole bunch of open space. I know by walking the perimeter I've got to be walking at least a mile, if not actually two miles. I'm trying to get in shape for walking all over New York City here in about 4.5 weeks.

Well, the pain really started escalating over the weekend, and yesterday, my whole foot swelled up so bad I had to take my shoe off, prop my foot up on the trashcan under my desk, and put an ice-pack on it while I was at work. My boss was talking to me about it, and said that it's probably either a sprain (at least) or a stress fracture (at worse). He runs a lot, used to do marathons, so he's well acquainted with all the different symptoms of foot problems. He told me to see a doctor about it soon, so it doesn't get worse. He also said that you don't have to be a super athlete to get stress fractures. He said any sort of activity one is particularly accustomed to yet, combined with the fact that a lot of females tend to have bone density problems (which I do), can equal a stress fracture. Lovely.

I was trying to see if it would go away, but when I got up today, my foot hurt even worse (it was throbbing) and it was swollen so bad I couldn't even get my durn tennis shoes on. I had to put on my cheap-plastic men's soccer sandals with the velcro strap across the width of the foot. So, it looks like sometime this week I'll be going to see a doctor about my foot. Whatever is wrong with it, it better be healed before I go to NYC! I do not intend to spend the four days I'll have with Joel and Leah sitting on my butt in an apartment with my foot elevated, that's for sure!


Tooz said...

I think tomorrow looks like a good day for seeing about that foot.

Strangeite said...

That sucks. I love NYC and having a bummed up foot in the city would be awful. Hope it heals in time.

Tooz said...

Okay, what do you know about the foot? Let me know how things go--