Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gratuitous Eye Candy

Just thought I'd post a pic of Jamie's Halloween costume I made this year. Well, not so much made as assembled, with some crafty bits thrown in. Anyone venture to guess who he is, and from what television show?

And here's an interesting shot from just before an early-morning soccer game:


Tooz said...

I won't venture a guess as to what creature Jamie is, since I never watch that show about the last of the airbenders. Two-handed Captain Hook just doesn't seem to cut it, nor does the scary Christmas elf with headlights on his shoulder. Very creative--reminds me of when Bubba used to make his own costumes for characters from LOTR, which I still haven't read.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Very good. He is a character from "Avatar: The Last Airbender." His costume is supposed to be Jet, a slightly-demented freedom fighter with a slightly warped view of just who in the Fire Nation is the enemy... Oh, there's so much I could say regarding who and what that parallels, but I'll refrain. The shoulder-armor pieces are actually paper bowls I spray painted the appropriate color and then tack-sewed to the shoulders of the orange t-shirt, the sleeves of which I removed. The "swords" are actually wire clothes hangers that I bent to the appropriate shape, then covered the "blades" in aluminum foil. The handles are actually wrapped in black electrician's tape. The armor on his sides is posterboard I spray painted the appropriate color, then taped to an old belt. The back sheath for his swords (you can barely see it in the photo), is spray painted cardboard rolled up in a tube, with another piece taped across the bottom so the swords don't fall out. The strap holding the sheath on is actually a leather boot shoelace.

We went to a halloween party over the weekend, and everyone thought he was from the movie "The Borrowers". Jamie was disconsolate that they didn't know who he was, until everyone there admitted they didn't watch the show. Jamie's reply was, "HOW can you NOT watch AVATAR?!?! It's the BEST show on TV!!!" Yep, we're obsessed.