Friday, April 20, 2007


Most importantly, Jamie is feeling better and finally back at school today. He still has a cough and a sore throat (the latter is probably caused by the former), but no more fever and headache. He's pumped up because he has soccer team pictures this afternoon, which necessitated his wearing his soccer jersey to school today. He was very eager to get to show it off to his gym teacher, especially.

On the job front, we aren't going to be losing any of R.T.'s clients. Seems he's completely changing career paths to environmental engineering and moving to Oregon! The bad part about that is that will leave my boss with even more stress and clients on his plate. So now we're going to start conducting a search for a new metallurgist, as well as an experienced technician. So, if anybody knows of a metallurgical or materials engineer who'd want to move to San Antonio, tell them to drop me a line here on my blog. I'm sure my boss will appreciate it!


Just Julez said...

I'd glad to know Jamethan is doing so much better. And good on ye about the megajerk coworker!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...