Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Tooth Fairy is Going Bankrupt

Jamie lost another tooth yesterday - and it wasn't the one I knew was loose. THAT one still hasn't fallen out yet, but I'm sure it will soon. So, that will make three teeth lost in less than two weeks. At $1.00 a tooth (inflation, you know), when you factor in the fact that his pre-molars are popping out like crazy, it's getting expensive. Also, when you consider that once all the baby teeth are gone I have to take him to the orthodontist for braces...well, you can see why I'm not really looking forward to all his baby teeth coming out!

In a related note, Jamie had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. No cavities (yay!) and everything looks good, except for the fact that his x-rays show most of his adult teeth will probably come in crooked (a fact confirmed by the orthodontist five months ago). Jamie's dentist said she was surprised his pre-molars are already falling out - he's about two years ahead of schedule on that. (Yes, his dentist is a "she". Make something of it, Mr. Anonymous, and see what you get!) I told her it isn't surprising at all when you consider he was born with a tooth already growing in!

As for an update on school, I have one last assignment due tomorrow, which I plan on wrapping up tonight, then I get to study for my final exams. My first final exam is on Tuesday, May 1 for sociology, then Saturday, May 5 for math (ugh!), and my last final exam is on Monday, May 7 for geology. My government class is based entirely on assignments; there is no final exam for that class. Then, hallelujah!, I get a blissful month (almost) off before summer session starts. Hooray!


Tooz said...

Poor little Lydia was dentally retarded. She didn't lose her first tooth until she was in the 4th grade, and as far as I know, she still has her baby molars. Love you all.

Animal said...

Yeah, my baby teeth never wanted to fall out either. They were so stubborn that my PERMANENT teeth were in danger of simply coming in "around" them: through the roof of my mouth, out the gumline, wherever. I ended up having almost all of my baby teeth pulled.

By a dentist named "Dr. Payne." I shit you not.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

That almost sounds like a comic book character, yanno? Dr. Payne, unassuming dentist by day, evil freaky villain by night, hunting down innocent children and drilling holes in their teeth sans novacaine. (I just proved, again, what a geek I am, didn't I?)