Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That's how high Jamie's fever has been so far, despite having had Tylenol 1 hour earlier and Jr.-strength ibuprofen an hour before that. That's when I stripped him down and put him in a lukewarm bath. Not cold, just lukewarm. Luckily, the bath helped long enough for the meds to start working. He's now in a codeine cough-syrup induced state of unconsciousness and sweating (for now). I'm sure he'll be blazing hot again with a screaming headache by midnight. Jamie's doctor told me to expect stuff like this from this virus. He is to stay home tomorrow, and by default, so am I. I'm not sure how much homework I can get done though. Most of my time today has been spent in comforting him. Poor baby has had a headache that sounds a lot like the migraines I occassionally get. Sensitivity to light, even a whisper kills his head. He whimpers just when the a/c kicks on in the house. That little "whoomp" noise hurts his head. Then just the noise of him coughing hurts his head so bad that he cries. I ask him why he's crying and he says, "the coughing bangs my head and it hurts!" I'm glad he's sleeping (for now). I feel so helpless when he's sick and there's nothing I can do but pray for him to feel better soon.


Tooz said...

Jenn, I don't know how you keep your sanity. I hope Jamie is better by now. Anyway, the one good thing about viruses is that they are (usually) short-lived. Let's pray that will be the case here. Sorry I can't do more for you--love you both.

Just Julez said...

Jenn, hon, know that we're praying for you and Jamie here, too. My youngest child is 15, and when he had the flu a few weeks ago (and he was generous enough to share with his mom, God love him), he had a fever of 103, too. And even after 24 years as a parent, I still freaked out. Like Tooz said, though, viral stuff doesn't normally stick around for long. Make sure you take care of YOU, too, so you don't end up with what he has *hugs*

P.S. Update soon, so we'll know you both are okay!