Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Okay, so yesterday was a step back, and this morning I felt icky still. But now I'm feeling better! YAY! (Finally!) I seem to have coughed up as much gunk as possible, and with the help of my new inhaler, it's easier to breathe. So, that's good!

I have to take a test Saturday for my math skills in order to go to college again. So, tonight I will break down and buy McDonald's for supper, go straight home and get studying! I bought a Cliff's Quick Review on Algebra 1, just to brush up my pitiful math knowledge. Although, I remember relatively a lot considering it's been almost 15 years since I took a math class! So, keep me in your prayers, please, as I need all the help I can get. Don't worry Ann, if I get stuck, I'll call you - but I'm more of a "visual" learner, so going over it over the phone wouldn't help me a whole lot. But I appreciate the offer sooooo much!

Love you all, Jamie sends his love, too! He's excited because his school starts on Monday. I'm excited because his school starts on Monday and I won't be burning up so much gas to take him to and from the babysitters! YAY!

Have a good day, and you slackers need to get bloggin'! (LOL!)


ann said...

Ok, friend! You know I can always email you! I even have a scanner. But you'll be fine! I'm sure you can do a lot with a little intense focusing.

Tooz said...

I'm glad you all are both going to school! That is great! You'll have so much in common, required reading, homework, crappy school food--Love you!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I don't get to eat crappy school food - I'll be going to school over the Internet. So I get to eat crappy microwave meals and such (because I probably won't have time to cook anymore!)

And Ann, thank you so much! I'll call if I need help, I promise! I've discovered, though, that it is coming back to me. Once I quit whining about it, and just sat down and studied, it started coming back to me! Imagine that!

Love ya bunches!