Saturday, August 19, 2006


Okay, I know it is said that people and their pets start to take on the same characteristics, and therefore start to look alike, but this is a bit much! My question is, who's copying whom here?

I bet you guys are going to get REALLY tired of all these pictures, huh?


Tooz said...

I will NEVER get tired of those pictures of Stinkbumps and his wonder dog! Love you both.

ann said...

I'm silly! You sent an email saying you had new pictures on your blog, and i checked it, and saw the "wheeze" thing, and forgot about it, and then have been checking it for a few days, and finally after talking to you on the phone today, I checked it and finally hit "refresh". Duh. I'm silly.

I love those pictures. That self-portrait is really impressive. And Jamie is becoming less cute/more handsome. Sad. But good. That little girl is adorable. Those pictures of Jamie and Ziggy are sooo funny, especially the second one. How could something so furry look so much like Jamie? But he does. It's precious.

AND CONGRATULATIONS! I told Daniel about your test, and he said, "She's so smart." He was not at all suprised. I told him you took it because you were going back to school, and he said, "That's really great." He was very glad. He thinks a lot of you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

It's so sad to see my babies grow up! But good, too. Makes me feel old! LOL!

Tell Daniel I think a lot of him, too! Obviously, or else I wouldn't have "let" him marry you! LOL! I think a lot of all of you guys! And thanks for the compliments! Mainly, though, I think studying hard for the past month and lucky guesses played a big part on the math score!

Love you all! And Tooz, I'll never get tired of these pictures, either. So I'll keep on posting them!

Lydia said...

Number 2 is my favorite!! Cute puppy and cute boy!