Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Odds 'N Ends

Apparently, Blogger thinks our recipe blog is spam. R.O.U.S.-es is under review as we speak because it has been flagged as a spam site. I'm not sure, but maybe I put too many links in my last post today. Sorry about that, guys!

According to the news media, nothing is going on in the world these days that is more important than Michael Jackson's death. Puh-leaze, people! It is time to talk about something more newsworthy than a celebrity dying. I'm sure there's SOMETHING else they could talk about - I mean, troops overseas, political tensions, murder rates, that strange rabbit-obsessed woman getting arrested for violating her parole orders to stay away from bunnies (true, I kid you not!), SOMETHING has got to be more newsworthy! I am currently on a news strike until all talk of Wacko Jacko has ceased.

Jamie has discovered what happens when you have white rubber bands on your braces and eat something with mustard on it. His red, white and blue patriotic braces are now red, blue and BRIGHT YELLOW! No amount of brushing will remove the yellow color. I find this vastly amusing!

Tonight I will take my Spanish oral exam. Tomorrow is my written final in that class. Then I am free from schoolwork for seven whole weeks! The only bad thing about this is that it frees me up to work on the old house and straightening the new one. Dangit! I vow to be lazy for at least two days before I bust my butt on the houses. I think I deserve a little bit of play time before I get busy, don't you?


Jessi said...

I vote yay on playtime!

Suze said...

I think you deserve THREE weeks of playtime :)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

If I took three weeks off, no one would be able to find my floor for all the mess and boxes in the way! (sigh) But it sure would be nice!

Tara said...

Have him try brushing with a little peroxide OR baking soda. That might get the mustard coloring out.