Thursday, July 09, 2009

Conversations With the Dead

I don't know if it was
the death I saw too soon,
the sorrow I experienced too young,
or the innocence that was lost too quickly.
For whatever reason
I have seen the invisible,
I have heard the silence screaming,
and have been aged well beyond my years.


The above came to me this morning as a result of a blog "conversation" between Steph, myself and several of the bloggers I regularly read and/or personally know regarding Steph's supernatural experience in Amsterdam (read pt. 1 here and pt. 2 here). I have had several supernatural and/or just plain weird experiences in my life. Many people I know have such experiences as well. While some may be chalked up to impressionable minds or runaway imaginations, this is not always the case. Sometimes there is no explanation. And that's okay. I hope to never be able to explain away all my experiences; if I could, it would take away some of the mystery and beauty from my life, and some of the comfort, as well.

*Just so you know, the above may not be reproduced, copied, reposted, etc. without the express permission of the author - ME. :-)


Steph said...

Hey, I like the poem. :) And thanks for the links.

If you're ever searching for blog fodder, perhaps you might share some of yours...

Jessi said...

Nice poem. Thanks for making me feel more sane all the time.