Monday, July 13, 2009


UPDATE (7/14/09): Jamie has swimmer's ear, which means no swimming the rest of this week - so no trip to Six Flags. They usually spend most of the day in the water park. He also has a slight summer cold. The doc also recommended Jamie go back to his neurologist about the higher frequency of migraines. Also, a visit to the asthma doc is recommended to re-evaluate Jamie's asthma. The doc said the sounds he heard could be due to the summer cold, or it could mean the asthma is worsening. In the mean time, keep the air as clean and fumes-free as possible, and keep him out of the heat. So, no painting the rest of the house until this fall when I can open up the windows wide to let the fumes out without letting a whole bunch of heat in. Despite Jamie's slight cold, we're still making our promised trip to Incredible's Pizza tonight. I think I'll take advantage of the fact that Spencer will be with us, and spend most of my time contentedly reading my book. I'm too tired to go running around with the boys!

Just a few random things to report. I’m not doing much of anything right now as I recuperate from summer classes. The following items are all that are happening around here.

1. Taking Jamie to the doctor this afternoon. He’s having severe pain in his right ear (sounds like an ear infection to me), he’s had an almost constant headache for the last week to week-and-a-half (sinus infection, maybe, which lead to the ear infection?), and he wrenched his knee while running Saturday night. I can’t be normal and take my kid to the doctor for one thing. Nope, we have to go for multiple items at once!

2. I got an A in my criminology class this summer. I don’t have official results yet (the teacher is late turning in the grades), but I did my own calculations, and it looks like a got at least a “C”, but more than likely a “B”, in my Spanish class – proof that the prayers of the desperate are sometimes answered!

3. Provided Jamie recovers sufficiently from the ailments listed in #1, he has a busy week lined up. Tomorrow, I’m taking him and Spencer to Incredible’s Pizza Co. (kind of like Mr. Gatti’s, but much more cool!) for dinner. Wednesday, he’s going back to Six Flags with Spencer and Julie. Thursday, he’s going ice skating with my boss’ daughter, Michal. Friday, he’s going somewhere (not sure exactly where) with his Big Brother, Bill. He can’t claim he’s bored this week!

4. I did nothing but read all weekend, because I was a touch ill, myself. I had grand plans to work on the old house, but my body had different ideas. Oh, well, the rest was much needed.

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Jessi said...

Wow, I hope Jamie feels better soon. That's a lot of ick at once.