Monday, July 20, 2009

From Devil Dogs to Stupid Dogs

I’ll interrupt my series of spooky true stories (or truly spooky stories) to illustrate for you how stupid my dogs are.  Yesterday, Jamie and I went to the old house to do more cleaning, packing, disposing, etc.  While there, we picked up the sliding door insert that contains a doggie door so I wouldn’t have to keep letting them in and out all the time.  After a bit of coaxing, Ziggy was persuaded to go out the doggie door (he doesn’t like things that flap so close to his face); Buddy already knew (I thought) how to use one because my dad had one for him.  This morning, I opened the lock on the doggie door to let them out (we lock it at night to keep the neighborhood critters from barging in).  Fifteen minutes later, the dogs are sitting outside the door – barking and yipping to be let back in!  They understood they could use it to go out, but couldn’t comprehend that the same door would let them back in!  Stupid dogs!


Suze said...

(snort) Sometimes dogs (and people) make ya wonder!

Tooz said...

Did you ever hear the story about Dave Barry's dogs following a major hurricane in Florida? They were standing by the door to the backyard, barking, waiting for him to come let them out, although the wall that at one time contained the door was missing. All they had to do was walk around the door.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oh, my, those ARE stupid dogs! I hadn't heard that one before!