Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dropping (Again) and Other News

I admit defeat. I'm dropping a class. Four classes is just waaaay to many at this point. I feel bad about it, but I'm facing reality. I simply cannot go back to getting too few hours of sleep a night. Even when I am awake, I'm too brain dead to concentrate enough to do homework. So, I'm dropping one of my courses. By some stroke of luck, though, it turns out the class I am most behind in, the one that I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing in, is one I don't need for my major, but thought I did. It seems I got a bit confused and was looking at the requirements for the wrong calendar year. So, I'm going to drop that one.

In other news:

  1. Jamie is having a blast taking tennis lessons from my boss' daughter, Michal. She won't let me pay her anything for it, but I did insist on regularly giving her some gas money. She picks Jamie up from school on Mondays and some Wednesdays and takes him to practice. How on earth did I wind up with a jock for a son? Oh, well, it keeps him in shape and makes him tired enough to sleep at night.
  2. I'm making some progress in getting Dad's affairs in order. Joel was a HUGE help to me when he came down for a week. He boxed up everything that looked like it was usable, so all I have to do this weekend is load my car and lug it home. Yay, Joel!
  3. The leftovers that we don't want/need, or is obviously trash have presented a bit of a problem. However, we've made a deal with the man who is buying the place. He and I are going to do a walk through on Saturday and come up with a figure of what it would cost him to take care of the junk, the A/C and replace the carpet. That sum will be deducted from what he said he'd pay for the place. This way, it's not coming directly out of my pocket, and we can hurry up and get the sale done. This would be one less thing I have to worry about, so I'm all for it. Joel agrees.


Strangeite said...

Sorry to read about your non-existent Spring Break plans.

Tooz said...

I'm so glad that things at the farm are about out of your area of concern! And I know you will be delighted when it's done. Love you both.

ann said...

Glad that dropping a class thing worked out for you. Make sure to sleep in some and to call me some on spring break.