Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slug Weather

Today, we're experiencing what I call "slug weather". It's raining a bit, just enough moisture to pull the slugs and snails up out of the ground to lie all over the place, disgusting me with their squishy, slimy selves. This is why I could never eat escargot, people. Bleck! I also call it "slug weather" because it makes me feel like I just want to lie like a slug in bed all day. I didn't want to come to work today, but since I had already taken a vacation day yesterday, I didn't think I could take another day off. Then it would have been even harder to get motivated to go back to work.

In other news:
- Rachel was able to get her schedule at work changed to daytime hours three days a week, which means I will only keep Destiny every other Saturday.

- Instead of getting to take my planned Chicago vacation this past weekend, it was spent in study and family time. Yesterday was spent helping Rachel find a car. 9 hours and 250 miles of driving from car to car later, we found her a decent 1989 Honda Accord in her price range. It still has a few quirks to fix, but Hondas have an excellent reputation.

- I finally got my grade for the exam I took 10/2/06 in my US History II class. Despite the fact that I didn't even get to read the last three chapters covered in that unit, I managed to get a "C". Apparently, I remembered just enough from Chip's classes in high school to not totally disgrace myself. I've vowed never to go into an exam that unprepared again though, so I'm spending more time on history, less on blogging. Sorry guys. Studies and family's going to have to trump the blogging. I'll still try to post at least twice a week, though.

- Jamie's team lost again on Saturday, but it was a victory in a way. The team we were playing is really good (the best in the league). They have ridiculous amounts of weekly practices and the coach spends every preseason recruiting players (even though you aren't supposed to). Our kids were able to score a goal against them (Jamie had another "assist"), which no other team in the league so far this season has been able to do! Yay!!! We were also able to keep them from scoring several goal attempts. Final score was 3-1, in their favor. The other team kicked the ball to the goal about 15 times, but our kids kept the ball out all but three times. Way to go, Wizards!!!

- My first paper for my criminal evidence and procedure class got an "A"! The entire course grade is based on four papers and your responses to weekly discussion questions. I have full points for all discussion questions. So as it stands now, I have "A"s in three classes and a "C" in my history class. I'm going to try to pull up the history grade to an "A". It's based solely on four exams. Overachiever that I am, I want straight "A"s in all subjects, as I don't see working full-time and raising Jamie full-time as an excuse for less than my best. Gee, maybe this is why I get burned out so quickly every time I try to go back to school! LOL! Can't help it. Guess I'm a Type A personality (forgive the bad pun, there).


Tooz said...

Just remember, B is good, and there's nothing wrong with having 3 A's and a B. You need to use that time you would spend studying for the A doing things for yourself, first, and with Jamie, second. Love you--try to remember that.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thanks for the reminder, Momma Tooz. Are you having fun spoiling that grandbaby of yourn? I'm missing out, I fear. I gotta get up there to see you guys again soon. Miss ya and love you all bunches!

Tooz said...

My grandbaby went back home. I'm stuck with empty arms and memories--isn't that sad?

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Ah, but memories just give you something to think about until the next time you get to see her.

Love ya big bunches!