Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day...

…was not exactly the best day I’ve ever had.  Through convoluted circumstances, we wound up having a friend of Jamie’s spend the night Saturday night.  We all stayed up way too late watching cartoons and such and playing Monopoly, so I wanted to sleep in Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, instead, I got this about every 10-15 minutes:

§  “Mom, can Jackson and I eat ____________?”

§  “Mom, can Jackson and I go outside and play with ______________?”

§  “Mom, can Jackson and I play with _________________ in the living room?”

§  “Oh, sorry, happy mother’s day, and can Jackson and I watch __________________?”

§  “I’m hungry, can I fix ________________?”


Over and over again, in an endless loop, starting at 7:00 a.m. After the fifth or sixth time of him waking me up, I sat up, grabbed one of the many pillows next to the bed and threw it at him.  After that, he got the hint and left me alone until I was ready to get up on my own.  I mean, for Pete’s sake, they’re 11!  They should know how to keep themselves entertained and not keep waking me up for permission for things that they know perfectly well if it is or is not okay to do while I’m sleeping (food is always okay, playing with toys quietly or watching approved TV channels in the living room are perfectly okay while I am sleeping, while going outside is definitely NOT okay if I’m asleep.  Jamie knows this.  So I woke up grumpy.


Then, we took Jackson home and headed for Starbucks for a little treat to celebrate the day.  We were supposed to go out to eat to Jamie’s favorite place (Incredible’s Pizza, which has a giant game room and go-karts, putt-putt golf, skeeball, bowling, etc.), but my professor was supposed to post my exam yesterday, and I really wanted to get it done over the weekend so I wouldn’t be mentally fatigued from work before starting the test.  So we waited around all dang day… and waited…. And waited…. No exam. 


Around 8 p.m., I decided that – hungry or not – Jamie needed to eat some supper.  We both go into the kitchen, and while I’m digging around for something to fix out of the freezer, Jamie moans a little bit, then projectile vomits all over me.  Nice.


I get him (and me) cleaned up, then I run to the store for Gatorade, Sprite, crackers and soup.  Get home, fix him some good old chicken noodle and crackers, then get him settled into bed.  Check the computer, STILL NO EXAM. 


By this time, I’m tired, cranky, and too darn tired to take the exam anyway, so I get ready for bed.  Get e-mail notification on my phone (that wakes me up) that the exam was finally posted – at 11:30 at night!  Then I get teed off, because this creates an unfair advantage for the students who don’t work full-time, because they effectively get more time to finish the exam than those of us who do have kids, families and full-time jobs (and there are quite a few of us in that class).  I go back to bed, but I’m so mad about the test situation that I toss and turn for a while before I can go back to sleep.


So, my mother’s day wasn’t spectacular, but at least I got to spend it with my kid (sick or not).


ann said...

Too late for me to wish you a happy mother's day, huh.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

That's okay. You can wish me a happy mother's day any time you want to, no matter what month it is. I generally cheered up and decided that being projectile vomited on on mother's day makes for a funny story about the interesting things one receives on mother's day, so I'm okay with it now.

Love you and miss you!

ann said...

I'm glad you got to spend the day with Jamie. I thought about you. I love and miss you, too. Again, sorry I didn't call you to wish you a happy mother's day. You are one of my favorite mothers!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

No problem about the not calling thing. I didn't call anyone, either. And I'm honored to be one of your favorite mothers! :-)