Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Living Room

We begin with the living room. Note that the walls currently look like they've been Hersheyed. Great in your food; awful on your living room walls.

Note how the high gloss (supposed-to-be-exterior) paint reflects the light on the walls. Not only does the dark color make the room feel tinier than it already is, but the high gloss makes every single imperfection and nail hole stand out. It also shows the fine layer of dust and dirt on the walls, and where other people have swiped their fingers through it. Furthermore, the warm undertones of the paint do not really go well with the cool undertones of the carpet. At least, I don't think so.

My couch and reclining loveseat set is oatmeal colored, maybe only a couple of shades lighter than the carpet. The other furniture (TV stand, media tower, end table) is black. The light-blocking curtains (a necessity with South Texas sunshine) are a dark red. I have accent pillows and a throw afghan on the couch that pick up the deep red color. I'm also planning to get a large floor carpet that picks up the red and black with various shades of browns in it, as well. I'm thinking the walls in here should be a creme color to make the room lighter and seem bigger. Should I do an accent wall in this room, since it's so small, or would the red curtains and pillows/accessories be enough to make it "pop" in such a small room. It's so tiny, I'm afraid an accent wall (or two) might overwhelm the room a bit.

I appreciate the comments on the last post. Really. Please don't be afraid to tell me your opinion. I don't expect expert advice, just gut feelings would be great. So please, give me your "two cents worth" on this room. Accent wall, yea or nay? Would it overwhelm the room or make it look fantastic? Opinions on wall colors, throw rugs, and your great Aunt Myrtle's secret recipe you had last night for dinner would all be welcome. Thanks!


Jessi said...

I need details about that front door. Is it wood toned? or does it match the wall color? I know this seems totally unconnected, but hear me out. The window on that wall is so dominant that I think with red curtains that is going to be an accent wall. If you have enough curtains, you could even hang a rod that covers the whole wall and it would make the window look bigger. If the door is wood toned, I would leave it alone, but if it is hershey colored, I would paint it something inviting. I don't know about red, but I wouldn't do it in the cream color, maybe a shade or two darker or maybe sage.

You could do the partial wall as an accent wall, but I think it would look like bookends with the red curtains.

I personally think that dark colors don't always make a room look smaller. I had, in my old house, an eggplant colored bedroom. It was really, really dark, but it was so cool that it didn't feel small. it just depends on the color.

Good luck covering up the shine.

Becca said...

Too bad that they used glossy paint, because I love that color. I think it could work with your stuff.

I'm thinking you could use the brown to your advantage--get an oatmeal paint, and a paint somewhere between the oatmeal and the brown. Use old rags, bags, or outgrown t-shirts to apply the oatmeal paint against the brown (remember the rag technique we used on flats at TC?), then again with the darker color. You'll get something very earth toned with texture, and the dark brown would give it a nice anchor.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Jessi - the door is real wood. I'm thinking like you are, that the curtains will be my accent wall. Thanks for the input!

Becca - normally, I would like the color... BUT, only as an accent wall, and definitely NOT in such a high-gloss paint. I like your idea of ragging, except I'm not sure how the high-gloss shine would change the effect, and also, I really don't have time to do any ragging or special texturizing on the walls. I'm cutting this whole thing by the skin of my teeth to get everything going. However, the ragging may be something I can try at a later date - like maybe in the bathroom. I wasn't sure what to do with that room. Thanks for the ideas!

Suze said...

I'd go with the cream as you were thinking, Jenn, but I'm really not so good with this stuff!

Lydia said...

Have you considered a shade of gold as an accent with the red? I know, I know, I said beige was great as an allover thing, but if you plan to be in the place for awhile, you would want to personalize it more. Sounds like real color would look nice with the oatmeal couch. I've only seen brown look good once in a house. My friend Holly had a long living room with vaulted ceilings. The long walls were painted a dark brown and the end walls were a dark beige. Looked good

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I'll take that under consideration, Lydia. I'm going up to Sherwin Williams tomorrow to get paint chips so I can see how some of the wall color considerations I have will look against my couch. I better watch out, though; I'm getting in such a decorating frenzy (I've never, ever really decorated my house before), that I'm considering scouring Craigs List for a different couch/loveseat set that 1) doesn't show dirt so easy (it's a light color and it's solid. Every little spot shows!), 2) isn't so poufy, and 3) hasn't been anointed by both male dogs (stupid dogs). I probably won't, but it's OH so TEMPTING!