Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brief Update

So, I’m writing a very (very) brief update to let you know what’s going on down here in San Antonio.  As promised, I bought season passes for Jamie and me to go to Sea World this year.  Our first outing will be this Sunday.  I’ll try to remember to take the camera and post lots of pictures.


School is winding to an end, with finals upcoming next week.  I will be VERY glad when it’s over and I can post more regularly.  My brain is fried crispy at this point!  I think I will spend the next month basking in sunshine and playtime with my kid.  Unfortunately, about the time when Jamie’s school is finally over, mine will be starting back for summer sessions.  Poor kid!  I have promised him that we will be spending many, many weekends this summer at Sea World.  We’re also planning a trip to the beach for Memorial Day weekend.  I am planning on taking as much time as possible just to relax and enjoy my son this summer.  He won’t be this young forever.


Now, I must continue with my regularly scheduled activities.  I just wanted to write a few lines to let you all know we’re still alive down here.  Much love and hugs to you all!




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ann said...

Sounds like big fun!!

Daniel said something that reminded me of Jamethan the other day...I can't remember what it was, but when I told him, he said, "He's a good boy."