Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Official!

Yesterday, I submitted the request to change my program from BGS to a B.S. in Sociology. True, this may add up to an extra year to my college plans; however, I feel I get further with a B.S. than with the BGS. Like Becca said, I don't want people thinking I got my degree from Sally Struthers on the TeeVee. Besides, I think it will make it easier on me to have the B.S. before I start a Master's program. If I started a Master's program with only a BGS, there would be a lot of undergrad Sociology classes I would have to take before I could start on the actual graduate coursework. With the B.S., I already have those classes, so there wouldn't be any prerequisities I would have to fulfill.

In order to take all the required Sociology classes, however, I had to do a nationwide search of accredited undergrad programs which offered Sociology program required courses online. Surprisingly, I found squat in Texas. With boucoup colleges and universities in San Antonio, I still couldn't find one that had the classes I needed either online or in the evening. Luckily, I found New Mexico State Universities website, which - low and behold - has all the classes I need in an online format. Also, I'll be attending San Antonio College here to finish up my core requirements, as well as to take the two years of a foreign lanuage required for a B.S.

So, to recap, I've switched majors, and set myself up for an additional year beyond what I had planned for stress and juggling kid, work and school. I feel it will be worth it though when I get my degree!


Just got an e-mail from TWU notifying me that I've been nominated to Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science and government honorary. Yay, me! Woot, woot!


ann said...

Congrats on all that, and congrats to Jaimie on the improved grades and hard work!

If I were you, I'd do French, since you took it in high school. I bet you remember more than you think.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thanks! I only took half a semester of French. I got bored with it and dropped it to be a clerk in the SCMS library. I'll be taking Spanish, as it's almost just as common to hear Spanish being spoken as English in the U.S.

ann said...

Especially in Texas, I'd think!

Animal said...

"...I feel I get further with a B.S. than with the BGS..."

I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS feel I get further with BS.