Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Totally Freaked Out!

Okay, so now I'm totally freaked out. I was sitting here working on homework around 10:45 p.m. when the neighborhood dogs started barking like mad. Then I heard the screen door on the back porch slam. So, I sat here for a couple of minutes with my heart pounding in my chest. Then I got up and flipped on the backyard lights, peeked out the blinds, then made sure all the locks on the sliding doors were fastened. Just about that time, the front door rattled a bit, and Ziggy started growling this really deep, scary growl I'd never heard before, and charged at the front door!

Okay, by now I'm freaked out totally. I'm the only one in the house awake. I can't remember if the door to the garage is locked or not (sometimes we forget to lock it) and I'm too scared to get up and go see. So I call the police. They tell me to make sure all the doors are locked, turn off all the interior lights except for one dim one, and turn on all the outside lights I can. An officer would be here as soon as s/he could.

By this time, I've got sweat trickling down my back, my palms are damp, and my heart feels like it's going to crowd up in my throat. So, I said a little prayer for Jesus to take my fear away and keep everyone in the house safe. I kept repeating it over and over again until the police showed up almost 45 minutes later. Between knowing that God is watching over us and the police coming and inspecting the place, I feel a lot better. However, I'm going to sleep in Jamie's room tonight. Just the thought of having to look at that sliding glass door in my bedroom, wondering if someone is still out there, creeps me out. I know if I had to sleep in there, I wouldn't get any rest at all!


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Just Julez said...

Man-o-man...I know how scary that can be. It happened to me twice when we lived in South Frankfort. I don't know about the neighborhood you live in, but maybe you could organize a neighborhood watch program. If nothing else, you'd get to know your neighbors. That's always a good thing when you've got kids (for a number of reasons).

Animal said...

Whoof! I got nothin' for ya, Jenn! That would freak me out too...especially since we had a son of the previous owners walk right INTO our house in a drunken stupor over the holidays! He wasn't threating, just unnerving.

My mother had a peeper when I was little; we lived in a trailer park, and the neighbor called to tell mom that someone was peeping in our windows. My mother's response to this was to buy a rifle the next day. Not something USEFUL, like a, she bought a .22 hunting rifle. Then, she'd occasionally turn on all the lights and carry the thing around. I think it was loaded.

I'm NOT a gun-guy...and, having said that, I imagine there COULD be circumstances when I'd want a weapon at hand for home security. Thankfully that would be almost unheard of in our small town. But, I can't help but laugh at my mom who, instead of buying a shotgun that she could hold at her waist and kinda point-&-shoot, she got a small-calibre rifle with a telescope sight. Ahh, the innocence.