Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Phone, Soccer Game, Etc.

Luckily, Rachel had a spare phone just like hers that she let me have, and Sprint has transferred my service to the new phone. Now my only issues are re-collecting all the myriad phone numbers I had in my old phone, and convincing Destiny that no, I did not steal her mommy's phone and yes, I'm sure it's mine. I've threatened to cover it in silly stickers so she can tell them apart.

Jamie played his second soccer game today, and he played goalie the first half and striker (forward) the second half. The game ended tied 4-4. In this age group, there is no overtime. He's very tired, and is now complaining of a sore throat like the one I've had for a little over a week now. Mine seems to have mostly gone, except for in the mornings when I first wake up. However, it seems to have taken up residence in Jamie's throat instead - just in time for school to start back up from spring break. Sor far, though, he doesn't appear to have developed the cough I started having on Tuesday-ish. Sorry, kiddo, you have to go to school unless you're vomiting or have a fever. Texas is a lot more narrow in its definition of "sick" than Kentucky.

Dad gave me a $10 gift certificate for Target, so Jamie and I stopped by there, and I got myself a new CD. I picked up ok go's CD "Oh No". It's really good. I really like it, and have listened to it non-stop for the past four hours.

I guess I better quit procrastinating and do the homework I've been avoiding for the past three weeks. I'm trying to keep myself motivated by reminding myself that, if I'm diligent, I'll have my degree wrapped up by spring of 2008. Oh, it can't get here soon enough!


Tooz said...

I'm glad you got a phone. I was a little concerned, but not too much. I figured you'd find one soon enough. Do you need my number, or any for members of my family? If so, let me know by email--I may not check here soon enough to help you out. Love you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thanks, Tooz. It used to be the sole reason I even had the durn thing was so that, in an emergency, Jamie's school or Dad can reach me ASAP. Well, now, I feel like my right arm has been cut off if my cell phone isn't functioning and ready to dial at a moment's notice!