Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five: Grateful Edition

Today, since I've been grousing so much here lately, I thought I would post five things for which I am grateful.  In no particular order:

1.  I am grateful that I only work three days next week.  While it's true I've already had six days off work since October (and that does not include holidays), I've been at Jamie's school doing student observations, so they haven't FELT like days off.  I've still had to get up early - in fact, even earlier than I would for work, I've had to dress nice (nicer than what I wear to work), and I've had to interact with people.  So, they haven't really been days "off".

2.  I am grateful that the following week I will have Friday off.  Again, time off with kid to do whatever.  Sounds great to me!

3.  I am grateful that Jamie and I had already agreed on a low-key Christmas this year.  He already knows he's only getting a few things.  He has been limited to buying things for his BB, Joel & his sigoth, Leah, and just a few close friends.  Basically, all my loved ones are getting this year are Christmas cards with our love and well wishes inside.  I'm trying really hard to pinch my pennies this year because of upcoming student teaching, when I will not be able to work outside of my student teaching, which of course doesn't pay anything.

4.  I'm grateful that my work usually gives out Christmas bonuses.  (Hint, hint, hint, if you're reading this, powers that be!)  This is where most of the small Christmas we're having is coming from.

5.  I'm grateful that I have so many good friends and loved ones in my life.  This is what I am most grateful for.  You all rock!

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