Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Justice for Single Parents in the State of Tennessee

Someone wasn't paying his child support in the State of Tennessee (SoT).  SoT took him to court because he was $1,400 behind. (That's 7 MONTHS of non-payment, people!)  SoT then said, "Oh, gee, we'll knock the amount you owe down to $346.32.  But you have to promise you'll pay your regular monthly amount each month by the 15th of the month starting on Oct. 15th."  He replied, with his fingers crossed behind his back, "Oh, yes, sir.  I sure will!"  He paid the $346.32 on October 4.  Hasn't paid what he was supposed to for either October or November.  So, my question is, is this really a surprise to anyone?  And how long will they let it go this time before they take him back to court, only to tell him he only has to pay about 1/4 of what he owes?  I don't know who disgusts me more - him or the so-called justice system.


Suze said...

That just sucky suck suck sucks!!

Jessi said...