Friday, November 12, 2010

Help Shaun Groves Make a Record

You may have noticed the new widget on my blog.  See, there's this "Soft Rock Star" named Shaun Groves.  Maybe you've heard of him?  He wants to make a new record, but he doesn't have a label.  Actually, I believe that's a good thing, because he wouldn't have as much control over his record if he were part of a music machine.  His last new record was five years ago.  He's warm, funny, talented as all get out, oh, and he looks a lot like my brother (well, you can't really tell it from the picture shown in the widget, but in person and in several other photos, they could be twins!).  He's not just a Christian singer/songwriter.  He's a humanitarian, speaking and blogging on behalf of Compassion International - an awesome organization! His songs, if you haven't heard them, aren't those wishy-washy, isn't-my-life-wonderful-in-my-white-bread-perfect-world songs.  No, he sings about a lot of tough things, hard things, the things we encounter in real life.  I've met him and talked to him (briefly) in person, and he is warm, down to earth, funny, humble and just flat-out what a Christian is SUPPOSED to be (and so many are not).  He's battled his share of demons, struggled with issues of faith at times like us all.  If any artist needs to put out new music, if anyone's message needs to get to the masses, it's his.  So please, give what you can, if you can.  I've sent my $10, might even send more as it becomes available.  Will you?

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