Thursday, November 11, 2010

Etsy, You Let Me Down

Up to this point in his life, Jamie has been surrounded by people who already know (through my constant nagging....erm, "reminding") that he has some life-threatening health concerns - namely, his food allergy to peanuts and his asthma.  This has meant that, although I know it is important, I haven't gotten around to buying him a medical alert bracelet or anything else that identifies emergency personnel to the fact that he has health issues.

Quite frankly, this is extremely stupid of me, I know.  I also know that most USB medical bracelets are either too big, or too expensive.  (Except, today I found one for less than $20 on Walgreens (dot) com.  I'll be going there shortly to order it!)  But I don't think just the medic alert bracelet is enough.  I want something else to help alert emergency personnel that they should be looking for a medical bracelet and that they should look for his life-saving medications on him.  But something like that was non-existent, at least, specific to what I wanted and what I wanted it to say.  Until now.  Today, I found on Etsy some professional looking patches and buttons, for less than $5, that say "I have asthma, inhaler inside" and "Fatal allergy to peanuts, EpiPen inside".  These would be PERFECT to put on his little EpiPen bag/Inhaler holder he carries everywhere he goes.  They're big, bright, noticeable, and have the medical alert symbol on them.

Only one problem.  Every time I go to order the dang things, Etsy's server crashes and I can't get back on.  Finally, I get back on, and then it crashes again.  Oh, Etsy, the first time I've tried to use you, for something as important as this, and YOU. LET. ME. DOWN!


Jessi said...

Send us pics if you ever get it to work. That sounds nifty.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Never could get Etsy to work, but I discovered the same seller also has a shop on another crafts website, so I was able to order from there. Got buttons so it would be easy to transfer them if/when he gets a new EpiPen bag. Got three in all. One says "Allergy Alert! EpiPen Inside"; another says "I'm allergic to peanuts"; and the third says "I have asthma! Inhaler inside". All three have the red medical symbol doohickey on them. Then, after I had commented to the seller how much trouble I had finding her, she credited me back $2 on my shipping fees, so I only spent $10. Woot!!!!! When I get them, I'll post pics and give a link so others with medical issues who need badges/buttons/keychains like this can find them. She even makes zipper pulls to put on kids' jackets!

Geron said...

how about a chest tattoo? just kidding...mostly. see you next week.

Vincent Mesecher said...

There may be a problem with the site itself, and that's why it crashes all the time. Have you tried consulting the Etsy team? I'm sure they are willing to help you out on this.