Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Age is Showing

I’ve noticed more and more gray in my hair lately. I’m perfectly fine with that. In fact, I wish I could wake up one morning and it all be gray at once. I figure those gray hairs were earned by all the things I’ve said, done and experienced in my life. They are a testament to the knocks both taken and given in the past 33 years. However, even if my hair weren’t turning gray, my age would show.

How?, you ask. By my frame of reference. Whenever the news is on and they start discussing Yemen, all I can think of is that “Friends” episode where Chandler was so desperate to get away from Janice that he flew to Yemen. If I were asked to name my five favorite songs of all time, I can just about guarantee that most, if not all, of them were recorded more than 15 years ago. Ditto with most of my favorite movies. I wax nostalgic while watching “Roseanne” episodes, because that was my life, and those were (are?) my issues. I can’t watch “V” on ABC without comparing it to my (admittedly vague) memories of the series when it came on the first time. Just about everything on the radio nowadays is a remix of stuff that was on the radio when I was in school, but what is on the radio now is far inferior to the original versions. My frame of reference seems to be stuck in the range of mid-80’s to early 2000.

I remember when I was younger, making fun of my mom and dad for the exact same things I’m doing now. And it annoys me when Jamie pokes fun at me for it, just as I’m sure it annoyed my parents. I guess you really do live and learn, don’t you?

Random Stupid Things I've Said or Overheard in the Last Little While

Me (to drunk driver in parking lot of dance hall and feed store at New Year's celebration): Sir, do you realize you just hit that truck and are dragging a fence post and a lot of barbed wire from your truck?

Drunk guy: Gimme five minutsh and I come back ta fix it.


Marshalls (to drunk guy in parking lot of dance hall and feed store upon finding his firefighter's badge in the cab of said drunk guy's truck): Are you a firefighter?

Drunk guy: Yeah.

Marshalls: Not anymore. In the State of Texas, we take drunk driving seriously, and you can lose your job for this AND not be allowed to be a firefighter anymore!

Drunk guy: Aw, now. Please don' tell nobody I was drinkin'. Y'ain't gots ta tell nobody. I'll be good from now on!


Me (upon getting a freezing blast from the doors of the pub on the Riverwalk on Christmas Eve): Isn't there a Christmas carol, something about "barring the door"?

Everett (laughing): Well, there's a SONG, but not a Christmas carol!

(see, I was the one saying the stupid thing in that scenario!)


Animal said...

"I remember when I was younger, making fun of my mom and dad for the exact same things I’m doing now."

I remember that my mom bought this book of piano music, all old commercial songs. Commercials! "The foaming cleanser…buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-bum!" I thought she was insane.

Now, of course, I often get caught in my head "Good to the last drop, Maxwell house!" Or some such nonsense. You're right, though: comes with the territory. My hysteria derives from still thinking I'm pretty much the ne plus ultra of cool, only to have my students shoot me right outta the saddle. So, at least you only have Jamie for that…I've got over a hundred students every semester to remind me!

Jamie Roberts said...

gray hair..hahaha...you should see mine now! i'm not coloring it anymore, and i cut it so the natural gray can grow out. it's almost all gray, i guess technically it is salt and pepper. when i straighten the hair, it just looks like i have gray in the front with salt and pepper roots. when i just wash it and pull it back, it's a mass of gray curly hair. if i had never colored it, i think i would have totally been gray by age 27. but i tried to fight it..lol. i'll be 32 tomorrow and just enjoy not worrying about it anymore. if people don't like how it looks, they don't have to look at it. lucky for my low self esteem, i've been told by everyone at work and my friends and most importantly loved ones, that it's beautiful. so either it really is, or they like me enough to lie. :)

as far as age, i forget how old i am. it's odd, cause i feel like i'm stuck at 18. that's when my "new" life as a mom started and almost feels like that's all i've ever known. my mom gets so frustrated cause i don't remember much about growing up-but i don't. I don't feel the aches and pains of getting older that i've always heard about. i don't feel any different than i did when i graduated high school. in a way, i feel better. i've been through a lot of surgeries, and had quite a few health problems, but i feel better than ever now.

the kids still think i can do anything, and haven't reminded me that i'm getting to be an old lady..YET..LOL give them time, they are only 12 and 10.

sorry, for going on and on, didn't mean to take over your blog :)