Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank you, Crafty Meme Crafters!

Quite a while back, I did a crafty meme thingie with Suze and Jessi. Each of us promised to send the others something homemade. Well, as per usual, I'm the last to fulfill my promise. Suze sent me a beautiful burgundy/maroonish frilly scarf, which is the perfect weight for the normal temps down here and is a frequent accessory when I wear my green sweater. Thank you, Suze, I love it!

Yesterday, I got a blue and green scarf and matching wristlets (gloves without fingers) from Jessi. They are the perfect thing, as my hands often freeze in the office in winter. I have poor circulation, so my hands are always cold. It doesn't help that my boss hates to turn on the heat, no matter how cold it is in the office. I'm wearing them today, even as I type this, so my hands are nice and cozy warm but my fingers are free to hit the correct keys. Thanks, Jessi, I love them!

Unfortunately, I hit a snag on your all's (general laziness and a lack of clean dishes with which to do the baking), but the plan is to make some batches Friday night and send them out Monday at the latest. I just have to research the best way to package them so they arrive fresh and unsquished! I figured that - since I haven't made any progress in knitting and can't crochet - I'd better stick with baking! But some homemade goodies are definitely in the works, and I will do my best to get them out to you ASAP.

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Jessi said...

Mmm. Baked good. Can't wait!

I'm glad you like them. I hope that they make typing easier. I hate typing with cold hands.