Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Only since living in Texas have I gone out on New Year's Eve. This year marks the third year (though not in a row) that I have gone out somewhere to celebrate New Year's Eve. This is the first year that Jamie will be able to go with me.

I've talked before on here about our good friends Jon, Julie and Spencer. Jon plays electric bass in a country/western band - Clint Taft and the Buck Wild Band. Sometimes, Spencer plays fiddle on some of their songs - mainly when the band is playing at a family-friendly place. Tonight, they are playing a New Year's Eve bash at Lubianski's Dance Hall & Feed Store in St. Hedwig, Tx. (Yes, Becca, I did say dance hall AND feed store. I guess it's a feed store in the front and a dance hall in the back. I asked if it was kind of like a mullet - you know, business up front and the party in the back... Yeah, yeah, I know, lame joke. But I still liked it!) Lubianski's has been a St. Hedwig, family-owned, family-friendly tradition since 1949. Another plus, it's smoke-free and kids under 12 get in free.

So, Jamie and I are going to go root for Spencer, have some fun, and have a good time with friends tonight. Oh, and our friend Michal (who also happens to be my boss' daughter) will be going with us, too. She loves country music, and she's a sweetheart (whom Jamie absolutely adores!), so we should have lots of fun while we're there. I doubt we'll stay until the ball drops and the doors close, but we'll have fun, anyway. Happy New Year, everyone!


Jessi said...

Have a great time! We'll be on the couch with a cranky 5 year old.

Animal said...

We stayed up until the ball dropped, and witnessed the somewhat horrifying spectacle of Dick Clark dragged out of his cryogenic chamber and trotted before the masses. Enough, already!

Best for 2010.

Jamie Roberts said...

We ordered pizza, watched a little TV, and then started up a rousing game of Monopoly. Our Property Hog (Erin) met her match against Dave. It was a close game, but Erin beat Dave by about 200 dollars. Brought in the new year watching some idiot jump a car over a barge, and then went to bed.

ps. word verification is flopadva-sounds like a spell gone horribly wrong from Harry Potter or Wizards of Waverly Place