Thursday, December 28, 2006

"The Talk"

Hoo, boy. It's almost "that" time. The time for "the talk" with Jamie. He's almost nine now, people, and he still has no clue about basic human reproduction. Does this make me a terrible mother, or a good one? I'm dreading the look of horror and the squeaked out question, "I came out of where?" So, I've put it off. But the fact cannot be ignored that he has entered puberty. Even his doctor said so. Of course, this was quite a few months ago, but let's just say we're getting to the point where the talk cannot be put off much longer. Especially since I don't want him coming home from school with lots of misinformation. But, then again, I'm still dreading that look of horror. Ack! Anybody got any suggestions on how a mom can have this talk with her son with the least amount of mental discomfort (on both sides)?

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Animal said...

Hi Jenn,

My mother - ALSO a single mom - got me the book "Love & Sex in Plain Language" by Eric W. Johnson when I was about the same age as Jamie. While she didn't let this take the place of "the talk," it was a nice go-with that I could peruse on my own, without feeling embarrassed about asking questions. I looked on Amazon & it's available as a paperback...with two reviews from folks who give it 4 stars as being "good for kids."

FYI: I spent a LOT of time looking at the drawings with friends, giggling a lot. That's okay...I'm a boy. It was still a pretty good book. Good luck!