Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Spirit

I used to wonder what happened to the Spirit of Christmas. Then, when I was at a nearby drug store today picking up stuff for work, I saw this.

I think it's what my mom used to call "cutsey-sh#t" stuff like this that scared the Christmas spirit away. There was so much wrong with this decoration it hurt my eyeballs. Am I the only one affronted by this? Am I the only one who sees this at the ultimate in tackiness?


Animal said...

I share a site with a group of friends called "Classy, Tacky or Stupid." That title comes from a game we like to play in which objects fall into one of those three categories. CLEARLY, this thing is tacky!!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Actually, I believe this snowthug, complete with overly large "bling" (did you notice the earring, too?) goes into a category far beyond merely "tacky". It's so horrid I can't think of the proper category in which to put it!

Becca said...

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Anonymous said...


-Suze (having trouble logging in...)

Becca said...

All right, stop!
Collaborate and listen—
Santa’s back with a brand new mission.
Something to update my old image
Replace it with a younger and hipper visage.
Will it really work?
Yo! I don’t know.
Kick off the sled and I’ll go
Up in the air with the gifts and bling now
Sailing supersonic while the children all sing now

Dance! While my turbo sleigh zooms
Making you crazy like a kid in his bedroom
Jolly, when I get milk and cookies
Anything less and Santa gets moody.
Naughty or nice now, you better behave
If you be bad, then Santa don’t play.
If there is a present, Yo, I’ll leave it—
Check out the elves while I go heave it.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Hey, you stole my schtick! (And good job on the lyrics, by the way!!! LOL)

Anonymous said...

I know its a bit late to comment...but I think those things are funny. I saw one in Kroger's of a snowman and he sings "Play that funky music, white boy". I managed to shame Alex big time by messing with it.

I also have a purple frog on my monitor right now, complete with bling that sings that rap song about birthdays. And a rabbit one that sings about hip-hop bunnies I got for Easter years ago.

I guess my only point is I am easily amused :) The good news is, they're better than Billy Bass. My bf has one of those. This will be the 3rd year I've had to deal with a fish singing Jingle Bells.