Monday, December 04, 2006


You gotta wade through a lot of poo to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Next Friday, December 15 is officially the end of school this semester. Woo hoo! But to get to that glorious light at the end of this stressful time, I have to: take a double exam today for my "US History II (1865 to the present)" class - one part is on the last two chapters, the other part covers the entire semester and it counts as two separate grades; turn in my final paper this Friday for my "Criminal Evidence and Procedure" class - the paper covers the Rules of Evidence under Texas Law; I have to complete my final exam for my "Women: Images and Perspectives" class before next Friday; and I have to write and turn in a 6 page paper over George Balanchine's Don Quixote and how the choreography is a reflection of Balanchine's own quest for the perfect woman for my "Dance, Gender and Culture" class which is due by next Friday as well. Pshew!

But, once that is done, I'll have one whole glorious month before I have to pick up a text book again! Oh, Happy Day! One month to read trashy paperback novels, to read my Bible and not feel like I'll have a quiz over the contents later, one month to actually GET TO WATCH TV AGAIN! Hallelujah!

Then school will start again, but this time I was half-way smart and arranged my schedule so that I will be taking four courses total, but only three at a time. I'm hoping this will help me feel less frazzled.


Tooz said...

I hope that schedule change helps. You really do need the time off, and Jamie really needs you now, too. Love you both.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thank you, and love you big bunches, too!

Suze said...

(here come the pigtails again...)


why are you taking a criminal evidence class? just curious...

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Thanks for the cheerleading! I'm taking a criminal evidence and procedure class because my Bachelor of General Studies degree requires that I pick two or three concentrations. To make me a well-rounded (read: highly employable) person, I chose English, Government and Sociology as my concentrations. Then eventually I'll get my Masters of Library Science (still considering if I also want a Masters of Education), then depending on if I survive all those degrees, I may pursue a Ph.D., just haven't decided yet. Also, I recently discovered that I'm only a few classes shy of being able to get an Associates of Arts in Psychology, so I may do that too. Basically, I'm wanting to start my own degree collection! LOL!