Friday, December 22, 2006

The Holiday Before the Holiday

So, today is my bonus holiday paid day off. Woo hoo! So far, I've slept until 11 a.m. (very very VERY nice), gathered up the trash for Jamie to take out, contemplated doing the dishes (and decided to wait until later), shared an orange from my work Christmas stocking with Jamie, and received a work-related phone call from my boss. He went in to work today, and since he had already told the rest of us the office would be closed, went in by himself. So, when he couldn't find what he needed, he called me. This happens fairly often when I'm off work either due to my illness, Jamie's illness, a vacation day, or a bonus holiday. I think I've decided to be flattered that they need me that much. I guess it's kind of nice to be needed.

On another note, I got a nice bonus from work yesterday, so later today we get to go spend it. More Christmas shopping! Woo hoo! I LOVE to shop, but only when it's stuff for other people, not me. I hate going clothes shopping for myself. Absolutely hate it! But I love clothes, so I suffer for my clothes obsession. LOL!

Love you all.

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