Friday, July 14, 2006


JAMIE'S COMING HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mentally, I'm doing cartwheels. I used to be able to do them physically, but I think I would tie myself up like a pretzel if I tried to do one now. My baby's coming back today! I'm so excited! But now I have to endure the hours until work is over and I can go get him!


Oh, and this is a picture I took of Jamie last weekend when we were putting UV film on all the windows of Dad's house. Don't you just "love" the headband he's wearing to keep the sweat out of his eyes? Should I call it "The Next (Next) Karate Kid"?


ann said...

What a great picture. It's so good to see two pictures right next to each other of Jamie looking so happy and having so much fun.

And it's good to see a mommy happy about seeing her son. I bet my mommy is feeling the exact same thing right now! (And I know she's happy about seeing her daughter and son-in-law, too. She told me so.)

Guess what we got in the mail? I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Jamie has really graceful hands. Has he ever shown any interest in taking up a musical instrument? That would help him in a lot of ways.

I used to could do a back bend, but I never mastered the cartwheel. Years later, when I had kids, I learned that there was a name for the condition I had, I was "landlocked."

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

My mom had a tradition that all her kids had to at least be in band in middle school. After middle school, if we wanted to we could quit. Jamie's school has a string orchestra for third-fifth graders. I'm looking into that for him. He also is interested in piano and loves to sing. So music is definitely in his blood. I remember when I was pregnant with him, I'd listen to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, and Jamie would actually kick in my womb in time to the music!