Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An Informal Survey

I’d like to take an informal survey of all the mamas out there I know. This survey is about jewelry and accessories. Mainly, I want to know what kind of jewelry and accessories you wear, if any. Do you still like to wear long, dangly earrings, or does your little one like to grab on to anything hanging from your lobes, ripping you a new hole or two in the process? Do you like to wear necklaces, or does the li’l booger immediately shove a necklace into his/her mouth, giving you apoplectic fits over the thought of too much lead in your baby’s system? Or are your kids older now, but their tendencies to gnaw on anything got you out of the habit of wearing any jewelry, so you still don’t think to put any on? Conversely, what’s your favorite kind of jewelry? Do you like sparkles and glam, or are you more of an “Earth Mother” natural jewelry type? Do you like bangle-y jangle-y bracelets, or are you more of a charm type person? Understated and elegant or funky? Gold, silver or hemp? Inquiring minds want to know, but I can’t tell you why.


Tara said...

I like simple jewelry. I may wear a simple silver hoop earring, studs, or a short dangle with beads that I've made myself. For necklaces, I'm also pretty simple. I have made some beaded necklaces and bracelets as well as a few with some charms on them. Really, my bottom line is simple to enhance what I'm wearing not to overpower it. Most of my jewelry I've made myself.

Suze said...

I rarely bother with jewelry, but when I do, it's usually simple and understated (surprise, surprise, I know!) like a pair of silver hoops or small beaded earrings that dangle a little bit. I've recently thought it would be fun to wear necklaces with a bit more flair - like with big chunky beads - but I don't own anything like that and shopping for jewelry is dead last on my priority list.

I always wear my wedding band, which is white gold. No diamonds or stones, though, just the ring.

I do have a couple sets of costume jewelry for performing. Pretty serious bling for me, but they are for special occasions only!

Bracelets annoy the heck out of me. I'm always using my hands to play piano or make bread or change diapers, though even before kids I didn't ever wear them either.

ann said...

I'm not a mom, but I am a preschool teacher. I like bangles, and I love the bracelets that look like tons of bracelets but they're really one long coil strung with tiny colorful beads. I like simple necklaces, usually silver, and I like long necklaces with beads. I never did pierce my ears and still have no desire to, because I know myself, and I want to wear earrings all the time, and I would want to change them a lot, and I know I'm not in a position to buy earrings right now, and not just because of money. I also like rings, but they must be very simple and be on the same finger as my wedding band and engagement ring. The end. Fun survey! Oh, I guess my general jewelry style would be funky yet understated. (Not a big fan of gold though I wear it with my indian clothes sometimes, and not a big fan of charms.)

Jessi said...

It is my goal to always wear a necklace and earrings. I love necklaces and earrings, but sometimes just don't want the bother. Both of my girls learned pretty quickly that touching mama's earrings is a quick way to get put on the ground (as in I no longer hold them, not as in knocked out FYI) so I don't have too much trouble with that. I only wear silver or white gold. I own a pretty substantial collection of silver hoops, but I'm super picky about my hoops (they can't be perfectly round). I like funky, but I tend to wear understated. Although I have a few funky pieces that make me uber happy, like a giant black metal and rhinestone cross that reminds me of Madonna.