Friday, February 19, 2010

Please De-Lurk Yourself (You Might Win Something Groovy)

UPDATE 2/19/10 7:44 PM - I think I've fixed the comments issues. Sorry! If you tried to leave a comment before, please try again!

I irregularly peruse my stats on a separate website. This site calculates how many visitors I've had, if they are unique or returning visitors, and pinpoints what area their ISP address is from. This gives me a general idea of who looks at my site, when, how often, and from what town/country. I can also look up what keywords people use to find my site, if any, and if someone came to my blog from a search engine, another blog/website, or if they have my site bookmarked or knew my URL well enough to type it straight in. There's a whole lot of people out there looking at my blog, people! And some of you I know right off the bat who it is. Others - I have no frickin' clue! Could be aunts/uncles/cousins, could be friends of friends, could be coming to me from facebook, could be some stranger who clicked the "next blog" link in the blogger taskbar. I just don't know. And it's impossible to know, because anytime anyone whom I don't regularly talk to leaves a comment, they invariably do so as "anonymous" and don't write their name.

So, since I'm a nosy brat person with an inquiring mind, I wanna know who you are! Leave a comment below identifying yourself and stating whether you are a frequent reader, sometime reader, or new reader of my blog. Also, let me know how you found me. Are you related to me? Are you a friend of mine? Did we go to elementary school, middle school, high school or college together? Did you used to work with me? Or did you find me some other way? Let me know how! Even if you are a frequent reader and commenter of my blog, go ahead and leave me a comment and enter the contest. Of those who participate, I'll randomly choose two winners to receive straight to their e-mail inboxes a $25 gift card each. One entry per household. Contest ends Sunday, February 21, at 2 p.m. Central Time. Winners will be announced Monday by 8 p.m Central Time.

So, go forth and comment! Let me know who the heck you are!


AnnaMarie said...

Ooh, am I really first?? YAY!

I've never met you. I don't even really know what you look like. But you went to high school with my husband and he reads your blog, talks about your blog, and now I read your blog! Since I have you in my blog roll, I read your new posts as they pop up.

(ps I didn't do it for the gift card)

Tara said...

I'm a friend of a friend. :) I read your blog irregularly, but I do always go back and read past posts so I end up reading everything even if I read a few posts at a time (usually I check once or twice every week or two). And I also want you to know that I believe that if we didn't live in separate states we'd be good Mommy friends helping each other out!

Jessi said...

I don't think you could call me a lurker, but I was one of the underclassmen who looked up to you when you were in high school.

Becca said...

A long, long time ago in a galaxy very much like our own, I met you in a dark forest overlooking a harsh cliff. I had run away to join the circus but had gotten lost on the dirt trails winding through the woods. You had crashed in your starship and were confused about these strange surroundings and afraid of the greenery. I fashioned tools from branches and repaired your ship and we fired off into space, traveling at speeds uncalculated by modern tools until we passed out and landed in an open grassy clearing on the planet Earth. Our speed of travel caused our bodies to deage while lightyears of knowledge remained in our minds. We hypnotized some locals to make them believe we were part of their families and went our separate ways, meeting again later in our new child lives through rustic educational traditions.

You don't remember any of this; I hypnotized you, too, pledging to reveal our true origins only upon the occasion that you asked me how we met with the potential of obtaining a web gift card in return.

Sage said...

I know you long time!!

(And I read... I dunno, frequently?)

Rachel said...

Hi Jen. I read your blog occasionally. We were in Ann's wedding together. Congrats on graduating! I don't think I told you earlier.

ann said...

I was at that wedding, too. I read your blog. Did you know that? Don't pay me for it. I don't know how that would affect me. Can i come to your house?

jan said...

I'm Jan from rural Illinois. I check your blog daily for anything new and amusing. You are a talented writer and I enjoy your take on life and knitting.