Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cheap Entertainment (and Educational, Too!)

Friday night, Stinkbumps and I will be heading to the planetarium at the community college here.  Seems with my handy-dandy college ID, my admission is free.  Stinkbumps only costs $2 to get in.  Heck, I’m even thinking about letting him have an honest-to-goodness sleepover that night, and inviting his friends Remo and Spencer to come, too.  $2 a kid?!?  Heck yeah, I can spring for a few more to come.  Plus, all three are very interested in astronomy (as am I).  A cool thing about the planetarium is that they just fully digitized it to an HD show.  They also change out the show about every two months, so there are multiple opportunities for educational entertainment.  I think Stinkbumps will find this a big improvement over his National Geographic Kids Telescope that I got him earlier this year so we could view the lunar eclipse. 

Speaking of that, the other night when Jupiter and Venus were highly visible near the moon, Stinkbumps dragged out his telescope and parked his butt out in the yard for hours looking at the moon and the planets.  He also has several astronomy books, as well as glow in the dark stars in his room.  He was a bit upset when I put them up that I didn’t arrange them as the constellations actually appear in the sky.  I told him that was too time-consuming, and if he wants it that way, he should do it himself.  So far, the stars have stayed exactly where I put them.  I figured they would.  J


Suze said...

That is SO COOL. I'm looking forward to a day when what entertains my kids entertains me, too. (Play dough is great and all, but...)

Tara said...

Sounds like fun!