Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Cavalry is Coming...

… maybe.  I got a call the other night from my Uncle Mike, one of Dad’s brothers.  He is planning on coming down here January 4, and may be bringing my Aunt Patty and possibly one or two other of the siblings.  I sent them an e-mail last week laying out what all exactly is going on with Dad – the neurological disorder, the mass in his neck, how Dad basically can’t live on his own anymore, and how I don’t know how I can take care of him, work full-time, raise my son by myself, and go to school.  I also mentioned how I didn’t think Dad living with me (the only real option we have at this point) would be good for Jamie, considering how emotionally cold Dad can be.  So, Mike called and said if any of the other sibs want to come with him, he’ll be brining his RV down.  If they all have things come up and can’t come, he’ll be flying down by himself.

Once he (or they) get here, they’re going to go sit down with Dad and visit and talk to Dad about what he wants and needs.  Then they’re going to either talk to his doctors himself, or they’re going to get me to do it (since its in all of Dad’s medical files that they have permission to discuss his condition with me), to see what the doctors say he needs.  Then we’ll get on the phone with the VA, and see what programs there are.  Then, we’re all going to come up with a plan – together – to take care of Dad.  If that means selling his place and moving him back to Ohio where all the sibs can take turns checking on him and doing for him, then so be it.  If that means convincing Dad to find a residential facility here (and giving me his dog to take care of), so be it.  But I don’t see how I can do this alone, folks.

I was so relieved to get that call.  I know – as Dad’s nearest relative – I should be the one to take care of everything and take care of him.  But I don’t think I can.  I feel guilty about this, but I also know realistically that I will go insane, and Jamie will be adversely affected, if I have to be the one to shoulder everything.  I just can’t do it.  So, the cavalry is planning on coming.  Thank you God for answered prayers!  I’ll keep you all posted on what develops.



Tara said...

I bet you're really breathing easier tonight.

What ever happened with the kidney thing infection or whatever with J?

ann said...

I hope by nearest relative you mean the one who lives closest to him. Cause a brother is a pretty close relative. (In other words, why shouldn't he have equal responsibility for him?) I think you did the right thing by emailing them, and I am very thankful they are coming to help in any way possible. We will keep praying for you.